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We are a digital marketing company focused on the success of your business.

Our Industry Experts Know how Digital Marketing Agencies Work.

We Decided to Do It Better.

We know how other digital marketing agencies work because we’ve been there. We’ve seen firsthand how agencies secretly cut corners and farm services overseas. We know how agencies value profits over performance, quantity over quality, and templates over innovation.

We decided to do it better.

Our staff is made of seasoned veterans, industry experts, and creative mavericks. We know there’s a common way to do things and a right way. We accept fewer clients than big-box agencies.

We build websites in-house, meticulously, from the ground up. We cultivate long-lasting partnerships with our clients based on communication, honesty, and results.

We take our wins personally. From website design and paid advertising to social media and SEO, every move we make is strategic, intentional, and data-driven. Our competitive approach pays off. Our clients dominate their markets.

We’ve put the industry on notice.

Demand a Better Agency.

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By deploying social media best practices and a robust community engagement strategy, Twelve Three Media was able to increase Gates Corporations’ social media reach and engagement threefold.

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By focusing on audience targeting and campaign structure for PowerStop’s revenue generating campaigns, we increased our number of conversions while reducing the cost per conversion by an unprecedented amount.

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With an aggressive approach to a stagnant COVID market, Twelve Three Media increased our client’s leads significantly.


Twelve Services

Our suite of digital marketing services provides a rock-solid foundation you can trust to build your audience and transform your business. We understand every aspect of successful marketing and which channels yield the highest return.

Three Pillars of Success.

Our THREE-point process has been developed to ensure every action we take is thoughtfully-planned, strategically-implemented, and validated by proven data.


Every win begins with a tactical blueprint. Before any wireframes, social posts, or ad buys, we tailor a unique strategy for market dominance.


Our ability to identify and zero-in on your ideal customer is more sophisticated than ever. We don’t gamble. We target.


Data is more than just raw, measurable information. As digital marketing professionals, it is our lifeblood. Data guides our decisions, proves our value, and validates your investment.

Don’t Just Survive. Dominate.

Gates Unchain Your Adventure

Gates Carbon Drive - Unchain Your Adventure

Our design team developed a concept that showcases the experience of bikepacking through stunning photography, using a full-screen display and user interface.
See how we took them to the next level!

No Outsourcing.
We Roll Direct.

Other agencies secretly use white label partners and outsource work to hidden media companies. This costs you more money for work from people you don’t know. We do it better. We negotiate and buy media directly. We design and build websites in-house. The buck stops with us. No shortcuts, no waste, no excuses.

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Meet Our Team.

Our starting lineup is your starting lineup. We don’t outsource expertise; we hoard it in-house. We’re proud of our talent. It’s who we are. We won’t hand off your project to an independent contractor or overseas vendor. Not only does this prevent waste and stretch your marketing dollars, it ensures you have the wealth of our talent pool focused solely on you.

Sean Allen


Jamie Goodrich

Director of Client Services

Daniel Porter

Senior Developer

Kelly Hawthorne Smith

Media Director

Jason Marvin

Performance Media Director

Megan Thielen

Lead Social Media Strategist

Daniel Brophy

Social Media Manager

Miguel Chacon

Chief Creative Officer

Adam Casteris

Lead Creative

John Cook

Digital Art Director

Jake Johnson

Account Manager

Adam Rowan

Content Manager

Dameon Merkl

Content Manager

Jeannine LeBrun

Office Manager

Cary Haun

Technical SEO Specialist

Veronica Highsmith


Ava Wald

Social Media Specialist

Anne Hubbard

Social Media Specialist

Tommy James

Media Assistant

Real Clients. Proven Success.

You’re In Good Company.

We generate extraordinary results for a wide range of competitive businesses, from international powerhouses to hometown heroes: Companies just like yours.

Denver Mile High
Jack Daniels
Colombo Law
The Ritz Carlton
Patrick Daniel Law
Henry Carus Associates

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