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Hiring the right PPC agency can make or break your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. You need a Pay Per Click Partner with proven results and a firm grasp on the ins and outs of search engine marketing.

Are you tired of running ads that don’t convert? Here is why you should trust Twelve Three Media to handle your PPC campaigns:

  • Google Premier Partner. We have achieved the highest recognition from Google as a PPC advertiser.
  • Decades of Experience. Our PPC experts are paid media veterans with extensive knowledge of paid advertising on major search engines.
  • Success. Clients trust us to handle budgets of all sizes to grow their business. We are proud to have achieved results in multiple markets and across industries.

Also called search engine marketing (SEM) or just PPC, pay-per-click advertising is an extremely effective tactic for reaching potential customers via online search. Business owners and advertisers are aware of the difficulty and time it takes to rank on the first page of organic search results.

With PPC, your brand can skip to the front of the line and the top of the SERPs. This requires strategic targeting of high-value keywords, shrewd bidding on the optimal ad placements, thoughtful creation of compelling ads, and strong landing pages.

At Twelve Three Media, we handle each stage of your PPC advertising campaign in house. Many agencies will farm out the work to vendors overseas, but we find that the direct approach leads not only to better results but stronger, ongoing relationships with our clients.

PPC Advertising

How Twelve Three Media
Manages Your PPC Campaign

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we know that the key to PPC success lies in:

  • Setting realistic, achievable goals
  • Monitoring rates and bidding on keywords
  • Developing and honing your target audiences
  • Adjusting campaigns to maximize their effectiveness
  • Performing competitor research
  • Writing and optimizing search ad copy
  • Creating visual assets (images, landing pages, etc.) that meet requirements for individual PPC platforms
  • Maximizing the return on your ad spend
  • Reporting on the results of your campaigns

These various steps are guided by our Three Pillars of Success, a three-point process we use to ensure thoughtful planning, strategic implementation, and relentless analysis of every project we take on.

1. Plan

When you hire Twelve Three Media to handle your paid ads, the first thing we do is get to know your business inside out. This upfront knowledge allows for maximum effectiveness when it comes to media planning and buying.

PPC is perhaps the most noteworthy and popular option for advertising online. However, if your budget allows it and we believe it will help you get results, our experts may suggest a PPC strategy complemented by one or more additional digital advertising campaigns. Creating a mix of ads across multiple paid media channels may be an effective way to reach your goals.

2. Target

In addition to getting to know your business, our team also prioritizes getting to know your customer base. PPC ads need to be targeted accurately to succeed, and this requires a thorough knowledge of what kind of leads you want to attract and the keywords that connect with a prospective client’s pain points.

Some businesses have extensive data on their ideal customers, while others need help defining exactly who should be included in the target audience. Our experts love to drill down on who should be served a client’s ads, and we will perform all of the necessary research to ensure that your campaign is targeted correctly.

3. Validate

We don’t just launch your ads and hope for the best. Our team is well-versed in analytics and reporting, and we will delve into the data to see how your campaigns perform and make adjustments as needed.

The ROI on pay-per-click ads can be significant. It is our mission to make sure you get your money’s worth, as well as identify opportunities for improvement to bolster your visibility and leads.

Why PPC Is Crucial for
Your Business

PPC advertising achieves more than just racking up clicks. For small and midsize businesses, paid search ads can help your company grow and flourish. It offers a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Fast results: Reaping the rewards from your SEO efforts can sometimes take months. Obtaining results with PPC is often much faster. Under ideal circumstances, a simple ad can be created, approved, and served at the top of the search results page within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Precise targeting: PPC allows you to finetune who and where you’re targeting. For example, you may want to advertise to residents in a particular county only to find that the majority of your clicks come from a specific town. PPC data can inform your ongoing efforts and sharpen your competitive edge.
  • Effortless tracking: Easy tracking is one of the greatest advantages of PPC marketing. The depth of available metrics provides a comprehensive view of your entire campaign from beginning to end.
  • Easy experimentation: PPC delivers immediate feedback. That means you can set up a campaign, run A/B tests, and analyze the results to see what’s working and what’s not.
  • Brand exposure: Whether your ad garners clicks or not, few other marketing strategies allow you to place highly targeted ads in front of your ideal audience. PPC gives your brand a chance to gain immediate exposure to the customers you want.
  • Full control: No matter how small or niche your target audience is, you have total control over how much you want to spend. You can change your campaign while it’s running and optimize your efforts on the fly.
How twelve three manages you PPC
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Where Can I Run
PPC Ads?

PPC is a search advertising strategy. As such, the ads run on leading search engines.

Not all searches (known as keywords or search queries) will display PPC results. Advertisers bid on the keywords for which they want their ads to rank, and the search engine will display the most relevant ads.

Multiple search engines offer robust options for pay-per-click ads:


Google dominates the PPC landscape. There are multiple options for search ad campaigns on Google, including:

  • Search campaigns: These are the “classic” PPC ads that show up at the top of the search results. They consist of brief text ads and a link to the landing page on your website.
  • Display campaigns: Display ads are served on tens of millions of different websites via the Google Display Network. The targeting differs from search ads in that display ads are served to users who (a) fit the characteristics in an audience you define and/or (b) have visited your website.
  • Local Services Ads (LSAs): Businesses in select industries can stand out to customers in the local area with Google LSAs. Although similar in appearance to search campaigns, Local Services Ads aren’t technically “pay-per-click”; advertisers are charged by the lead rather than when someone clicks on the ad.

From video ads to in-app campaigns and more, Google offers a number of additional options for advertising campaigns. Twelve Three Media has achieved Google Premier Partner status. Premier Partner is the highest tier of partnership offered by Google, and it signals our agency’s commitment to maximizing results for our clients across the Google Ads platform.


Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) runs PPC ads on Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo!, and AOL. Although Google searchers may be the most coveted, Microsoft ads can reach different audiences that favor these other search engines.

It all comes down to optimizing your media mix. A business may serve multiple audiences – some of whom search on Google while others gravitate toward Bing or DuckDuckGo. To maximize your reach and visibility across the different audiences, it may be beneficial to run search ads on Google and on search engines in Microsoft’s network.


Search ads on Yahoo! are managed through Microsoft Advertising (see above). It is important to note, however, that the ad experience on Yahoo! has a strong native advertising dimension.

Native ads (also called sponsored content) are seamlessly embedded into the content of a webpage. Often, the ads take the form of “clickbait” – titles and imagery that arrest the user’s attention and draw clicks.

Yahoo! charges advertisers every time a user clicks on one of these native ads. As such, Yahoo! also uses a pay-per-click model for its native advertising campaigns.

Why Choose Twelve Three Media as
Your PPC Experts?

There is no shortage of PPC agencies to choose from. However, if you want to stand out from your competitors and achieve results that make a major difference in the growth of your business, it is crucial to partner with a company that is fully committed to your success.

At Twelve Three Media, we don’t waste our clients’ money or take shortcuts that undermine the performance of your campaigns. We respect your time, we respect your budget, and we embrace and share your goal of rising above the crowd.

Top reasons to choose Twelve Three Media as your digital advertising partner include:

  • Measurable results: Our proven processes and best practices quickly pay for themselves with savvy bidding strategies and compelling ads. Our team focuses on testing ad copy for a higher clickthrough rate (CTR).
  • We roll direct: Our team is in the marketplace every day working with retail and service-based clients. We don’t outsource projects, and we keep our finger on the pulse of each campaign to help our clients reach their goals. Ultimately, you can rely on our depth of experience to help you achieve success.
  • Our team is Google Ads certified: As a Google Premier Partner, our agency maintains strict certification requirements and media spend levels. We also follow all of the best practices instituted by Google Ads, ensuring that campaigns are fully optimized, swiftly approved, and efficiently launched.
  • Return on investment is our focus: Clicks are great, but what matters most is your campaign’s ROI and your company’s bottom line. Every decision we make is centered on your success.
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Frequently Asked Questions About PPC

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is an online advertising strategy that utilizes a paid search model to promote brand offerings, build brand awareness, and deliver instant traction with targeted customers.

With PPC advertising, you bid on relevant keywords in an online auction. If your bid wins the auction, your ads will be displayed at the top of the search results when people search for that keyword. Best of all – you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad.

PPC advertising allows you to purchase traffic instead of waiting for organic leads. However, it’s important to realize that PPC is not a substitute for organic results through SEO. In an effective campaign, you should strive to leverage every tool in your marketing toolbox to generate traffic, nurture leads, and drive sales.

There are a number of important reasons to have a reputable agency handle your PPC ad campaigns. One of the most important is cost. The price of marketing and advertising across channels and media is going up, and it can be difficult for businesses to manage their budgets solo. An agency can keep costs down and ensure that your budget is spent wisely.

Additional benefits of hiring a PPC agency include:

  • Time savings. The agency can handle your ad campaigns while you focus on other aspects of your business operations.
  • In-depth targeting. You might know your customers, but an agency can translate that knowledge into precise audiences across multiple advertising platforms.
  • Meeting requirements. Different ad platforms have different standards for ad copy, messaging, design, etc. A PPC agency will stay on top of these requirements (which change frequently) and ensure a smooth launch.
  • Active management. Pay-per-click advertising is not a “set it and forget it” strategy. Agencies have the time, knowledge, and resources to monitor campaigns and make adjustments proactively.
  • Reporting. An agency should provide you with insights on how your campaigns perform. These reports should not just be a data dump; you should feel well-informed when it comes to how paid ads are helping your business.

Just about every business advertising online can benefit from PPC campaigns! The best PPC companies customize each campaign for the client’s industry, audience, and budget.

Some of the industries that enjoy significant results from PPC ads include:

  • Automotive
  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Clothing and apparel
  • Law firms/legal
  • Home improvement
  • Software and research
  • Medical and dental
  • And many, many others!

Unlike organic SEO, PPC is focused on conversions over visibility. Although showing up for competitive keywords may be important, the most effective campaign might focus on lower-competition terms with a higher likelihood of conversion.

If you are a local business serving a specific audience, a national mass-market campaign is a waste of your advertising budget. Be sure to find a PPC company that seeks to understand your business and develop campaigns that fit.

The Google Partners program provides robust learning opportunities and support for companies that manage campaigns through Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). Any agency or advertiser can sign up to be a Google Partners Member, with additional opportunities to qualify as a Partner or Premier Partner.

Google Partners need to meet the following criteria:

  • Performance: The Ads account must have an optimization score of at least 70% across campaigns.
  • Ad Spend: A minimum of $10,000 must be spent every 90 days.
  • Certification: At least 50% of the users who manage ads on the account (known as account strategists) must be certified in Google Ads, with one or more strategists certified in each of the campaign types with $500 or more in ad spending every 90 days.

To become a Google Premier Partner, an advertiser or agency must be in the top 3% of companies using Google Ads in a given country. Google assesses multiple factors to identify the top 3% of accounts, including client retention, growth of the client base, use of different ad campaign types, and significant ad spending.

Many businesses find it very difficult to break into the PPC ecosystem in their market and/or industry without the assistance of an agency. The reasons for this are manifold, from lack of time to lack of expertise to stiff competition to budgeting issues.

Managing PPC campaigns effectively requires time, energy, knowledge, and attentiveness. If you are short on some or all of these key components, you would probably benefit from hiring an agency to help you.

Great agencies take the stress out of pay-per-click campaigns. They involve you in the process (particularly when it comes to understanding your business, identifying your goals, and defining your audience) while managing the technical elements of ideation, implementation, bidding, and analysis necessary to get campaigns underway and see how they perform.

Ultimately, the decision to hire an agency for PPC is an investment in saving time and spending your money wisely. This leads to a higher ROI on your advertising spend.

Get What You Pay For.

Contact Twelve Three Media Now for a Free Consultation.

Competing for visibility in today’s digital landscape has never been more challenging. With a dizzying proliferation of advertising channels and an array of established brands that dominate the market, it can feel overwhelming to try to make an impact with consumers.

PPC advertising can help level the selling field. It offers businesses of all sizes and industries a strategic way to market their products and services on the internet. PPC can open the floodgates on new leads and propel your company to the next level.

However, the opportunities presented by PPC mean that competition for ad placements has reached a fever pitch. This, in turn, has driven up both what advertisers spend and the cost of advertising. As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult to recoup investment and work toward your goals without the assistance of an agency.

You need a PPC agency that puts your success first and has the skill to manage budgets while driving leads for your business. At Twelve Three Media, we know what it takes to get your business to stand out and start thriving in paid search.

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