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We are a Denver based pay-per-click management company.

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Managing pay per click campaigns is time consuming! Optimizing ad copy and keywords while monitoring your competitors is just part of it. Adjusting bidding strategies by ad group or even keywords can make a big difference in your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Why hire Twelve Three Media?

As an agency who specializes in Pay-Per-Click advertising, we bring value in four areas:
  • Proven Results
  • Saving Time & Money
  • Expertise (Google Partner)
  • Custom Strategy & Execution

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A closer look at the value we bring:

We bring measurable results.

Twelve Three quickly pays for itself by being savvy with bidding strategies and writing compelling ad copy. Our team focuses on testing ad copy for higher CTR. All of our efforts result in positive ROI.

Our Pay-Per-Click team is highly trained by Google.

We are in the marketplace daily, working with retail and service-based clients. That depth of experience benefits new clients because we draw from established best practices and spend less time testing.

Our team is Google Ads certified.

Our agency is a Google Partner, which means we meet strict certification requirements, media spend levels, and we follow GoogleAds best practices.

Return on Investment is our focus.

Finally, because we are ROI driven, we will strategize with you to find ways to increase your revenue.

What to look for when choosing a pay-per-click agency:

Ask what industries they have worked in.

Some industries are more competitive than others and require different tactics to be successful.

Ask what clients they have worked with.

Well-known brands likely have high standards of success, which requires a savvy specialist to implement.

Ask if they are a Google Partner.

Google Partner status assures that an agency has proven Google Ads skill and expertise, met Google ad spend requirements, delivered client revenue growth, and grown its client base.

Ask if there is a minimum monthly media spend.

This will help identify if this company is the right size for your needs.

Ask how their management fees are structured.

Agencies can bill based on monthly ad spend, hourly or with a flat fee. Ask what is covered with the management fee, such as time worked on the account, reporting, recommendations, regular meetings, etc.

Advertising Plan: The Difference Between Cold, Warm and Hot Campaigns
Advertising Plan: The Difference Between Cold, Warm and Hot Campaigns

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