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What Is Analytics Reporting?

Analytics comes in many different forms, but ultimately it is data that helps businesses, marketers, and advertisers make better decisions. The reporting in platforms like Google Analytics makes it possible for you to understand many different aspects of your performance online, but it’s easy to get lost in such granular data.

Most business owners want to get the big picture, not a statistics lesson. At Twelve Three Media, we believe in using industry-leading tools to help clients understand their digital performance and achieve better results.

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What does reporting analytics tell me?

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The internet provides unprecedented opportunities to evaluate the success of your marketing and advertising campaigns. In some cases, you may be able to identify the exact ad or campaign that converted a user who didn’t know your brand into an actual customer.

Data provides insights, but it requires knowledgeable interpretation to understand what the rows, columns, charts, and graphs really mean. Our team cuts through the noise to deliver real, actionable knowledge on important pieces of your digital strategy:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Ad spend
  • Reviews
  • Ad impressions
  • Cost per click
  • Cost per conversion & lead generation trends

These numbers aren’t just crucial for understanding your business. At Twelve Three Media, we pay very close attention to how your competitors are performing as well. This focus enables us to develop a comprehensive picture of your market, which makes it possible for us to help you identify threats from the competition and take advantage of opportunities for success.

What to look for in an agency partner:

Surface-level numbers often don’t tell the whole story. You might see an increase in website traffic or more first-page search rankings in Google, but what do these changes actually mean for you?

Your agency should be able to go beyond the obvious and share genuine insights. If your rep just buries you in jargon and repeats what’s in the report, you’re not going to get a real sense of how you’re doing and what that means for your business success.

Some of the key qualities to look for in an agency to ensure the team truly knows analytics and reporting are:


Each member of the team should be forthright in their dealings with you. They should answer your questions fully, address your concerns sympathetically, and be truthful if they need to research something and get back to you.


Most analytics reporting platforms are able to generate reports with minimal adjustments. However, the reports you see should include both the high-level important information, as well as details customized to what is important for your business.


One of the biggest reasons clients leave any agency is wastefulness. You might have had previous agencies waste your time, your money, or both. One of the best checks against this problem is to evaluate the reports and status calls you have with your rep. If he or she clearly understands your goals and walks you through the data with that information in mind, that indicates a good fit.


Taken by itself, analytics data are just numbers, lines, and shapes. We put the numbers in context for you, but we also value your insights: If you see an increase in business on a particular date, we want to be able to quantify what led to that positive result. Optimally, this will enable us to repeat the success in the future!


Tracking competitors closely means that our team is plugged into the conditions of your market. If you are outperforming the competition, we look at data to understand how we can continue or improve this trend. If there is room for improvement, we look at the data to see what your competitors are doing – then develop strategies so you can do better.

At Twelve Three Media, we consider reporting a key component of proving our value.

We know data and the tools that quantify it, but more important to us is demonstrating time and time again why clients place their trust in us.

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