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Google Analytics Small Business
Small Business Analytics Intro Guide
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Google Analytics for Small Businesses – The Starter Guide


What You Get:

  • How to set up Google Analytics to track performance
  • How to set up Google Search Console and integrate it with Google Analytics
  • How to track your marketing ROI
  • How to track organic performance
  • How to choose the right service to monitor keyword rankings

Learn about the tools needed to measure success and how to track your marketing performance.

When analyzing the success of your small business’s marketing efforts, you need a measurable ROI for everything. As marketing implementations have become increasingly sophisticated, so too have the means to track them. It can be hard to know which metrics to measure and how to best assess your ROI with the abundant wealth of available data.

Whether you want to determine the effectiveness of your paid ads or achieve a clear understanding of your organic reach, your ability to measure performance is crucial to your success. By examining data in real-time, you can modify your strategy to optimize your advertising investment.

In our intro guide to Tracking Performance, our digital marketing experts show you the basics about Google Analytics, Google Search Console, organic performance, and paid services.

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