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Creative Services

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Our professional creative services encompass a wide range of deliverables. Whether you need concepts for marketing and advertising campaigns, creative assets (logos, videos, and more), copywriting, and more, the experts at Twelve Three Media can help you reach your goals.

Creative Services

Reasons to choose our creative agency include:

Creative Services Industry Experience

Industry veterans. Our team includes experienced, knowledgeable professionals who develop innovative strategies and aesthetics for engaging your customers. We have worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small local businesses.

Creative Service Goals

Focus on your goals. We know that logos, websites, and other projects are means to a much larger end. Our experts conceptualize each asset as part of a cohesive brand identity for your business.


Creativity. Many designers and agencies work off of a template. At Twelve Three Media, we truly embrace creativity and innovation in our concepting, designs, and deliverables. What you get from us is nothing like what you’ve seen before.

Don’t waste money on a cookiecutter agency or freelancer who doesn’t care about your brand. Contact Twelve Three Media today to discover how our creative services are truly different!

At Twelve Three Media, creative services are an integral part of just about any digital or traditional marketing strategy. Many agencies put “creative” in a silo, treating the development of creative assets such as logos, ad copy, collateral, video, and more as individual pieces isolated from the client’s overall marketing and advertising.

Our team does things differently. Creativity is truly at the heart of what we do, and it shows in the caliber and quality of our work.

Best of all, each team member who works on your account is dialed into the creative process. We create exceptional designs and copy because we work together, in-house, to develop creative concepts and assets. This results not only in timely completion of projects but unmatched consistency across campaigns.

What to Expect with
Our Creative Services

Many businesses aren’t sure what they need when they start looking for a creative agency. They might have a specific goal in mind (such as redesigning their logo), but often they are looking more generally to boost sales through marketing and advertising.

Twelve Three Media keeps this top of mind. Our creative agency develops a cohesive look and feel across all of the content and assets we produce.

Our Three Pillars of Success guide us in this process:


Planning involves understanding your brand and the customers you’re trying to reach. We also perform extensive competitor research to ensure the messaging, aesthetic, and overall appearance is unique within your industry and market.


We precisely tailor all aspects of the design to your brand identity and the personality, needs, and goals of your ideal customer.


Our job is not done when the creative assets are complete or your ads or website are launched. We obsessively track results across various tactics and channels to ensure that the creative is resonating and helping you attain your objectives.

We help businesses with their creative design projects across traditional and digital media. Ultimately, our goal is not only to help you make a strong first impression with your business but to create a cohesive brand experience that draws customers in and forges a positive association at every touchpoint.

What Makes
Us Different?

Our agency considers all aspects of creative services through the lens of the customer journey. Many companies focus on engaging people at the beginning of the journey without thinking about the middle or end stages.

At Twelve Three Media, we develop creative campaigns to maximize awareness of your brand, put your business at the forefront of the customer’s consideration, and encourage them to choose you when they are ready to buy. The key to success with this process is to make the journey as frictionless as possible.

We aim to make the experience consistent whether customers visit your website, engage with your brand on social media, see your ads online, or encounter your brand in the real world. This multifaceted approach enables our creative services to fuel multiple campaigns.

Finally, Twelve Three Media is truly focused on the success of your business. Many small and midsize businesses search for a graphic designer or other creative professional online and end up going with a cheap worker who doesn’t care about their brand. This results in sloppy creative that doesn’t connect with your business identity, let alone the expectations of your customers.

Our agency, on the other hand, pays attention to every detail:

Personality Personality
Tone Tone
Color Pallette Color Pallette
Typography Typography
Brand Messaging Brand Messaging

We draw upon our experience and the collective talents of our team to optimize our output. The creative assets, collateral, and digital content we produce are all truly extraordinary because we are invested in our clients’ success and strive to help them dominate the competition.

Creative Services

Twelve Three Media offers a comprehensive assortment of creative services. Instead of focusing on individual projects or a la carte pricing, our team will work with you to identify your goals, develop the ideal mix of strategies and platforms, and produce world-class creative materials to get the job done.

Our team uses a two-pronged approach in developing creative assets for our clients:



You probably had a plan when you started your business. We take the same approach to your marketing and advertising.

Developing concepts for your campaigns and any creative materials is a launching point, not an afterthought. We will develop “The Big Idea” first to ensure we are creating campaign assets that communicate your unique Point of Difference and resonate with your customers’ motivators.

Team members throughout the agency will then work together to turn “The Big Idea” into deliverables. We embrace a philosophy of insight-based creative. This means that we create creative marketing materials and assets with a clear purpose in mind that communicates a compelling message closely aligned with your business’s identity.

With our talented team of in-house designers, writers, web developers, and more, we are able to ensure that the goal underlying your creative assets and campaigns is fully embodied in the text, imagery, and other components.

There is a significant overlap between creative concepting and brand development (more on that below). We find that brand positioning and key messaging are often essential for effective creative. As such, we spend a significant amount of time defining your brand and differentiators so we can nail down the concepts that align with your business identity and resonate with your audience.



Once all of the pieces are in place through comprehensive planning, concepting, and selection of appropriate marketing channels, we start developing the collateral and assets necessary for your campaigns. This may involve:

Web Design

Creative Website Design Services

Your business website is your most important digital marketing asset. Obviously, you want the look and feel of your website to be consistent with the rest of your brand and effectively convey your messaging, products and services, and unique selling propositions to users who find you online.

These days anyone can create a website. But for a truly memorable, engaging experience that drives leads and business, investing in professional website design and development is a must.

Our In-House Designers work closely with our team of Website Development Experts to realize your ideal website. The finished product not only looks great but functions properly across all screens and devices.

Logo Design

Logo Design Services

All of the best brands have memorable logos that tell a complete story from a simple image. These logos were not slapped together by someone the business found on a global online marketplace. They were painstakingly crafted by designers who worked from an in-depth knowledge of the brand and the target audience.

Our creatives take the same approach. We employ a sophisticated understanding of the principles of graphic design, color palette, typography, and text to create an impactful logo that is truly representative of your business.

Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral Design Services

Marketing collateral encompasses any and all materials used to promote your business. This includes printed materials and other forms of traditional media such as:

Digital marketing materials are also considered collateral. This includes your website, white papers and other downloadables, custom visual content (such as infographics and other branded imagery), videos, and more.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guideline Services

Strategic and consistent branding can help your business stand out amongst a crowded marketplace. A lot of creativity and research goes into developing a brand, and the experts at Twelve Three Media have you covered.

To ensure consistency across your marketing and advertising, you need to have a set of brand guidelines. Brand guidelines set “the rules” for how your business is represented. This includes key information concerning:

Brand guidelines can and should be shared with in-house marketers and/or your agency. At Twelve Three Media, we respect your brand and strive to ensure that all marketing collateral and campaigns are on message.


Striking visuals must be complemented by engaging text. Our team gets creative with copywriting, We do the research and avoid the archaic and cliched messaging your competitors  may be using. Instead, our copywriters create a memorable, recognizable personality for your business and devise effective messaging to match.

Copywriting is an intrinsic component of virtually all types of marketing and advertising. Our deliverables include:

Often, simple adjustments to the copy on an ad, your website, emails, etc. can do wonders for helping you reach your goals. We use a range of analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of various campaigns and make data-driven decisions to maximize results.

Social Media


Our team develops custom, on-brand visuals. These visuals bolster compelling organic posts that can drive engagement and earn you a dedicated following across your social media channels, in addition to serving as building blocks for paid social media ad campaigns.

Video Storytelling

Storyboarding Services

Most people aren’t natural-born vloggers. Whether you are shooting a TV commercial, recording a radio spot, or creating a video for your YouTube channel, it is best to have a script.

Scripting involves not only writing out the spoken parts or voiceover but providing direction for the shoot/recording. Our team is made up of multimedia professionals who can create scripts that help you communicate your message online and/or over the airwaves.

Another key component of video production is storyboarding. This is the process of conceptualizing the shots you need for the video, as well as the content you need to guide the completed product.

From a practical standpoint, storyboarding saves time and keeps the video shoot focused. It also ensures that the visuals and messaging are aligned with your brand and tell the story you want your videos – and your business as a whole – to tell.

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Get More with a
Full-Service Creative Agency

Whether you are an established brand looking to update your creative assets or a new business unsure where to start, Twelve Three Media is here to help. Our full suite of creative services can boost all aspects of your marketing and advertising.

You might be looking for a new website, a logo refresh, or a total overhaul of your creative assets. We can do all of that. But, as a full-service creative agency, we can do much more than just complete individual projects and deliverables. Our team is committed to helping your business succeed through comprehensive campaigns.

Contact us to discuss what our creative services can do to help you get results!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Creative Services

Creative services include all of the non-technical aspects of marketing and advertising. Although the specific offerings vary, agencies generally provide the following as part of their creative services:

  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Branding
  • Website Design
  • Video Production (in some cases)

Full-service agencies handle all of the elements of a client’s marketing and ads. This includes planning and strategy, the development of marketing collateral across multiple platforms, launching and managing campaigns, and monitoring results.

Twelve Three Media is a full-service creative agency. We take on projects of all kinds for clients with a number of different goals, then identify the most appropriate strategies for overcoming the competition and reaching the ideal audience.

Creative designers are responsible for the look and feel of many different forms of marketing collateral. This includes everything from printed materials, billboards, and other offline advertising assets to websites, ads, and other digital content.

Design involves more than visuals, although a memorable and engaging appearance is of the utmost importance for your business to get noticed. It is also crucial to take into account the “spirit” behind the business. Designers draw upon their knowledge of color choices, typography, and other design principles to create concepts and deliverables that are consistent with the personality and offerings of your business, as well as your customers’ expectations and needs.

Copywriters are the creative professionals responsible for the text elements of ads and marketing campaigns. Effective copywriting is a mix of art (creativity with the written word, persuasive messaging, brand positioning, etc.) and science (understanding what words to use to trigger a particular response or mindset in the consumer).

A significant amount of research goes into marketing and advertising copywriting. This includes researching the client, researching the competition, and researching the market and industry.

Small and midsize businesses hire agencies to handle creative projects for a number of different reasons. If you don’t have the time or the expertise to make high-quality marketing collateral on your own, it is probably in your best interest to work with a creative agency.

You may be asking, “Why can’t I just find someone online, pay them to do it, and be done with it?” Although freelance designers and copywriters can get the job done fast and cheap, their work will likely feel disconnected with the way you see your business, not to mention the impression you want to make on your customers.

Agencies, on the other hand, get to know your business and use the information you provide to develop customized creative assets. This results in marketing collateral that is more closely aligned with your brand, as well as a greater likelihood of your campaigns reaching their goals.

An open mind is key. Optimally, you should also have thoughts on where you want your business to go and what kind of brand you want to put out into the world. Finally, a willingness to collaborate with your agency (rather than thinking of it as a vendor relationship) is crucial to maximizing the value of your partnership with a creative marketing agency.

Clearly identifying your goals is also essential. With insight-based creative, all deliverables are designed with your KPIs in mind. If you don’t have a clear vision, you’re not going to get the assets you need to achieve the results you want.

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