Branding Fundamentals to Create a Legendary Outdoor Company
Branding Fundamentals for Outdoor Companies
Branding Intro Guide Outdoor Businesses
Branding Guide for Outdoor Companies

Branding Fundamentals to Create a Legendary Outdoor Company


What You Get

  • How to define your brand positioning
  • How to design a Brand Style Guide
  • How to define brand elements: logos, colors, typography, and more
  • How to identify your company’s WHY
  • How to create brand loyalists

Create brand loyalists and connect with your audience. This introductory guide will teach you the basics of developing a winning outdoor brand identity.

In the outdoor industry, there is incredible competition for your audience’s attention. You will lose your audience if your company does not stand out from your competitors. To effectively position your business for success, you must have a distinct brand identity. Your brand is more than a logo and a memorable tagline; it is the way you present your company to new and returning customers.

A strong brand creates loyalty. Even in an age of virtually limitless buying options, a solid 90% of consumers consider themselves brand-loyal. Brand loyalty creates valuable advocates for your company and helps attract new customers.

In this introductory guide to Branding for the outdoor industry, we show you how to create brand loyalists. We share the elements of a brand and discuss how you can define your company’s core belief (your WHY). We explain how to develop your own Brand Style Guide and position your company for success.

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