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What Is Proximity Marketing?

The world is becoming increasingly more mobile. Today’s consumers don’t just search for products and services, they want their results at arm’s length. Even if they don’t add “near me” to their searches, they expect to find solutions to their problems that are relevant and nearby.

Proximity marketing caters to these evolving expectations and puts your brand in front of your targeted customers when they need it most. Proximity marketing is a location-based form of digital marketing that allows you to communicate directly with your audience at precisely the right place and time via mobile devices.

With more than 275 million smartphone users in the U.S. alone, proximity marketing is more crucial for your business than ever.

Whether greeting customers when they walk through your doors or pushing incentives to drop by when they’re in the neighborhood, proximity marketing is an invaluable tool for sharpening your competitive edge.

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Benefits of
Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing, also referred to as hyperlocal marketing, offers businesses a wealth of unique advantages. When part of a thoughtful and targeted advertising strategy, proximity marketing:

Creates a personalized experience:

Whether it’s a new prospect or loyal visitor, personalization is key in any customer experience. Proximity marketing allows you to identify specific users and send tailored communications.

Provides immediate conversions:

Proximity marketing provides the opportunity to connect with customers when they are most likely to buy from your company.

Drives app engagement & retention:

User engagement is critical for any app to succeed. Geotargeting campaigns that create personalized interactions are proven ways to increase brand loyalty and improve customer retention.

Gives you a competitive edge:

Interactive customer environments give you a solid competitive advantage by engaging with customers and building brand loyalty.

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Types of proximity marketing
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Types of
Proximity Marketing

Proximity marketing encompasses a variety of tools and methods to capture a visitor’s attention, increase revenue, build brand loyalty, and assess the customer experience. Types of proximity marketing include:

GPS-based proximity marketing:

Using GPS location data, you can target customers in specific geographic locations. For example, if your business is a national retail chain, you can promote either sweaters or swimsuits, depending on your customers’ locations.


This type of proximity marketing uses GPS technology to define a geographic boundary. Once customers enter an established “virtual barrier,” they trigger automated text messages, email alerts, or app notifications.


A beacon is a small, wireless transmitter that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to track and communicate with nearby smart devices. BLE beacons can promote special offers or physically track shoppers as they move through aisles to optimize product placement and store layouts.


Customers love free WiFi. When devices connect to your network, you can request email information, share promotions, and make offers as they are about to leave.


Smartphones can pick up radio-frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) without a WiFi connection. Retailers can place tiny transmitters into things like smart barcodes to push information to nearby smartphone users.

What businesses can benefit from
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What Businesses Can
Benefit from Proximity Marketing?

Proximity marketing is a game-changing advantage for a number of business types. Really, any business that operates a physical location can benefit from proximity marketing. You can even use proximity marketing to target individuals who visit a competitor’s location or related business.

For example, while not a competitor, a personal injury law firm may set up a geofencing campaign that targets visitors to hospitals or collision repair centers.

Retail, hospitality, and automotive companies may implement proximity marketing strategies to:

  • Push tailored offers to customers while they are in or near a business location or about to leave.
  • Educate customers on products or services to build brand awareness.
  • Increase loyalty program enrollments.
  • Send surveys to gather feedback about visitor experiences.
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