Traditional Media

Efficiently reach your most relevant customer at scale.

Twelve Three is a full-service media agency.

We know the right questions to ask to ensure you get premium placement at the best cost.

As people’s attention is divided we see lower viewership on television, less people listening to terrestrial radio and less people subscribing to newspapers and magazines. That doesn’t mean that traditional media is obsolete, but it does mean you need to be smarter about how you purchase it.

With our extensive traditional media experience, you can be assured that your traditional media schedules are well thought out, well negotiated and in lock-step with your other marketing tactics.

Full Service Media Agency
Traditional Media

We pinpoint valuable audiences found through traditional media.

Not every impression is valuable to your business.

Having an agency that understands how traditional media is measuring their audiences and how they monetize those audiences is crucial to your bottom line. It is easy to overpay for placement or get poor placement if proposals are not properly vetted.

Twelve Three Media has experience beyond placing commercials or ads. We have also stewarded many custom advertising programs with traditional media companies where they still have the flexibility to create out-of-the-box programs to meet various KPIs. We pride ourselves on having strong relationships with media partners. We feel this benefits all parties involved and breeds success.

What to look for when choosing a traditional media agency:

What industries they have worked in?

Some industries are more competitive than others and require different tactics to be successful.

What clients they have worked with?

Well-known brands likely have high standards of success that have to be met which requires a savvy buyer to implement.

What mediums they specialize in?

Buying television is nothing like buying magazines. Make sure the agency you are considering buys the right type of media for your needs.

What is their annual collective media spend?

You want an agency who has media clout so you benefit by getting more bang for your buck.

What is their philosophy of negotiating?

This will give you some insight into how they view media vendor relationships and how they communicate their processes.

Advertising Budget: How to Determine Your Advertising Budget
Advertising Budget: How to Determine Your Advertising Budget

Learn how to determine the proper advertising budget for your business based on the size and current expenditures of your business. We have developed a simple formula for you to utilize.

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Twelve Three is passionate about media.

Our in-house media team thrives on connection and collaboration.

We manage all aspects of media buying in-house and do not outsource any of our buying to 3rd parties. We vet media companies and hold them accountable. This ensures that we have control over where your ads run and keep your advertising costs down.

We encourage communication and collaboration throughout the entirety of a project.

Media Collaboration

We encourage communication & collaboration throughout the entirety of every traditional media project.

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