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What Is Traditional Media Marketing?

Traditional media marketing is alive and well in the modern digital age. When it comes to reaching your ideal audience, never discount the power of TV, radio, print, and out-of-home advertising. Integrating traditional media into your digital marketing strategy is an incredibly powerful way to boost your reach and efficacy without sacrificing analytics.

Twelve Three Media knows how to bring your business the maximum amount of exposure for the greatest ROI on your marketing dollars. Our traditional media specialists have unique expertise in the development and implementation of strategic, creative, measurable campaigns that increase your brand’s exposure and bottom line.

Where have we seen traditional media marketing
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Where Have We Seen
Traditional Media?

Traditional media has been around since the birth of advertising. Traditional media marketing is basically defined as any existing marketing channel that precedes digital media. This can include:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Outdoor/Out-of-home

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Does traditional media marketing still work
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Does Traditional Media Marketing
Still Work?

Over the last two decades, the consumption of digital media has increased exponentially at the expense of traditional channels. However, several forms of traditional media still reign supreme over their digital counterparts. In fact, traditional television continues to beat online TV across every market, and broadcast radio still dominates streaming options in most markets.

The idea that digital media has killed its traditional predecessor simply isn’t true. In reality, people now consume media across a diverse range of mediums simultaneously. We scroll social media on our phones and tablets while sitting in front of the TV.

We research products, reviews, and recipes while shopping at the store. We peruse print publications and follow up online for more information. This behavior has been named “second screening.”

With this dynamic blend of online and offline behavior, traditional media remains a powerful way to advertise your brand’s message, products, and services. It also means that with so many options available, you need to be smarter than ever about how you spend your marketing dollars.

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What Are the Benefits of
Traditional Media Marketing?

Traditional does not mean outdated. Both small businesses and large corporations can profit off the benefits of traditional media marketing. Why is it so beneficial? Traditional media is:


Research shows that marketing through traditional media generates more trust and familiarity with your brand than online advertising. When consumers see your ad in a prominent magazine, during a commercial broadcast, or on a billboard near a busy freeway, it helps to integrate your brand into the community and culture.


Studies prove that traditional advertising is still one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness, brand consideration, new customer acquisition, and ROI. Why? The broad reach of traditional advertising plays a role, but at the end of the day it comes back to trust. People simply trust the institutions of traditional advertising methods more.


One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is the abundance of neat trackable data it delivers. Fortunately, with the help of digital analytics, we can track traditional advertising just as effectively. For example, we can place a unique phone number, URL, or promo code in an ad to track the number of leads each campaign yields. Beyond these tracking methods, most publishers offer detailed circulation/viewing figures and audience demographics to help target your specific customers.

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A Diverse Media Mix Can
Produce Your Best Results

When weighing your advertising options, don’t think of traditional and digital marketing as adversaries. Think of them as teammates. Both methods work best when they work in tandem with each other. By combining both online and offline channels, you can create a robust media mix that amplifies your reach and impact.

The trick is determining the right media mix for your brand.

Our marketing experts understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing your business. We analyze audience research, map customer journeys, and plan strategic, effective media mixes.

Why choose twelve three for traditional media marketing
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Why Choose Twelve Three for Your
Traditional Media Marketing?

Succeeding with traditional media comes down to finding a trusted agency with experience and expertise. You need an agency that understands how traditional media measures and monetizes its audiences. Without proven experts on your side, you’ll likely overpay for poor placement and miss your goals.

As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, our media experts don’t just understand the complex media-buying landscape; we optimize it. We have the expertise, experience, relationships, and strategic perspective you can trust to run your campaign efficiently.

We manage all aspects of media planning and media buying in-house and do not outsource any of our buying to third parties.

We vet media companies and hold them accountable. This ensures that we have control over where your ads run and we’re able to keep your advertising costs down.

Our expertise encompasses both traditional and digital media buying, and we often recommend robust campaigns that leverage the unique benefits of both.

We thrive on communication and collaboration throughout the entirety of a project. We’ll explain our strategy, keep you up-to-date about its implementation, and prove our results with pertinent analytics reporting.

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