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Traditional media still has enormous value in today’s digital-dominated world. If you are looking to make a name for your business in one or more markets, traditional marketing and advertising provides unique opportunities that can seamlessly complement your online campaigns.

At Twelve Three Media, our Paid Media Experts can help you define your audience and leverage traditional media to capture their attention. We can assist you with media planning and buying, creative development, and tracking results.

Our traditional media specialists have unique expertise in the development and implementation of strategic, creative, and measurable campaigns that increase your brand’s exposure and bottom line. Whether you are just looking to buy some TV or radio ads or invest in multiple offline strategies that amplify your digital marketing and advertising efforts, Twelve Three Media can help you dominate the market.

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What Is
Traditional Media?

Marketing and advertising with traditional media encompasses a wide range of different strategies. It is easy to think of traditional media as the tried-and-true methods of yesteryear. However, you should never underestimate the power of strategies such as:

TV Advertising (Broadcast and Cable)

Streaming viewership overtook traditional TV viewing for the first time in 2022. Although many people are “cutting the cord,” broadcast television still has major advantages for advertisers. Chief among these is the fact that TV viewers tend to be more of a captive audience. Streaming audiences, meanwhile, tend to be pulled in multiple directions by devices, apps, and more.

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Radio Ads

Like TV, streaming audio has made significant inroads into becoming the dominant way people consume music, talk, and more. However, AM and FM radio remains a powerful option for reaching certain demographics and dominating local and regional markets.

Print Advertising (Magazines and Newspapers)

Advertising in magazines has a “prestige” factor distinct from online ads. The majority of magazines have a very specific audience, which ensures delivery of advertisements to the right people.

The number of newspapers may be dwindling, but running ads in a local or even national paper can have significant benefits. If your customers align with a newspaper’s subscribers and circulation numbers, advertising in the paper may be ideal for building awareness.

“Out-of-Home” Advertising

Out-of-home is any type of advertising customers see when they are out in the world. This may include:

  • Billboards
  • Bus Benches
  • Display Signs
  • Gas Station Advertising
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • And More

These and other ads build visibility for your business. Repeat exposure (such as driving by a billboard repeatedly) can lodge your brand in the minds of potential customers, making them think of you when they are ready to buy.

Does Traditional Media Marketing
Still Work?

Virtually every traditional media outlet has some form of digital equivalent. This is most obvious when it comes to the big TV networks: ABC and FOX stream on Hulu, NBC programs are on Peacock, CBS has streaming via Paramount+, etc. Similarly, much of terrestrial radio is also broadcast digitally via platforms such as iHeartRadio. Newspapers and magazines often have digital editions that display most if not all of the same ads.

All of this might make it sound like traditional media advertising is redundant or unnecessary. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Benefits of traditional media marketing include:

  • Credibility: People are still more likely to trust traditional print and broadcast outlets than they are digital sources. Businesses that advertise traditionally, therefore, are seen as more trustworthy.
  • Name Recognition: Consumers are bombarded with tens of thousands of ads every day. Digital ads make up the majority of the “noise.” Your customers are more likely to take notice of ads on TV, the radio, and out in the real world. The more they see and hear these ads, the more likely they are to recall your business name and brand.
  • Market Penetration: Although you can create a Google account and start running ads in minutes, it can take months to maximize reach within your target audience. With traditional media, you can start delivering ads to a large number of consumers on the very first day of your campaign.

The idea that digital media has killed its traditional predecessor simply isn’t true. In reality, people now consume media across a diverse range of mediums simultaneously. The trick is identifying where your customers are and developing the most effective strategies for reaching them.

Why You Need a
Diverse Media Mix

Your “media mix” encompasses all of the different ways you market and advertise your products and services. One of the biggest mistakes any company can make is putting too many eggs in one basket.

Many agencies think of traditional and digital media as adversaries. At Twelve Three Media, we think of them as teammates.

By combining both online and offline channels, you can create a robust media mix that amplifies your reach and impact. You can build maximum awareness with traditional media while also investing in digital advertising and related channels to nurture customers and turn them into leads and sales. This creates a cohesive mix of media that reaches and engages a wide swath of potential customers.

Our marketing experts understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing your business. We perform audience research, map customer journeys, and plan strategic and effective media mixes.

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Why Choose Twelve Three for
Your Traditional Media Marketing?

At Twelve Three Media, we view marketing and advertising media holistically. We don’t just specialize in one type of media buying or force our clients to choose from only a handful of channels.

Our focus is what will get each individual client the best results. We don’t try to fit square pegs in round holes by forcing clients to choose from only a few traditional media services. Instead, our experts delve into your customer base and identify the platforms that will put your business at the forefront of the audience’s awareness.

Succeeding with traditional media comes down to finding a trusted agency with experience and expertise. You need a partner who understands how traditional media measures and monetizes its audiences. Without proven experts on your side, you’ll likely overpay for subpar placements and miss your goals.

As a full-service marketing and advertising agency, our media experts don’t just understand the complex media buying landscape; we optimize it. We have the expertise, experience, relationships, and strategic perspective you can trust to run your campaign efficiently.

We manage all aspects of media planning and buying in-house. By never outsourcing to third parties, we are able to maintain full control of your campaigns and ensure that your ads reach the right audiences at the right time and in the right location.

In addition, we extensively vet media companies and hold them accountable. This keeps the cost of traditional media down, ensures proper delivery of your ads, and improves the likelihood that campaigns will reach your objectives.

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Start Building Audience Awareness with
Customized Traditional Media Campaigns

Twelve Three Media knows how to bring your business the maximum amount of exposure for the greatest ROI on your marketing dollars. Consumers today exhibit a dynamic blend of online and offline behavior, engaging with multiple digital and traditional media at once (known as “second-screening”). At Twelve Three Media, we know how to capture the attention of your customers across multiple media without blowing your budget on underperforming campaigns.

Far too many agencies over-specialize, cut corners, and outsource projects to third parties. This results in substandard media planning and buying, poor implementation, and lackluster results.

Twelve Three Media decided to do things differently. We focus on the client and the audience and develop a custom-tailored media mix. This results not only in maximum exposure but multiple touchpoints that move customers through the buying process.

We thrive on communication and collaboration throughout the entirety of your media project. Our experts will explain the strategy, keep you up-to-date about its implementation, and prove our results.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Traditional Media

Essentially, traditional marketing is offline marketing. It involves leveraging the proven strategies that dominated the advertising space before the internet, including print publications, TV and radio, billboards, and more.

Research shows that marketing through traditional media generates more trust and familiarity with your brand than online advertising. When consumers see your ad in a prominent magazine, during a commercial broadcast, or on a billboard near a busy freeway, it helps to integrate your brand into the community and culture.

Brand awareness is the key benefit of traditional media. Most traditional advertising allows you to get your name out in the marketplace quickly and memorably. The traditional media landscape is significantly less crowded than digital, enabling businesses with effective marketing and advertising to stand out.

Of course, your ability to stand out is contingent on the strength of your branding and collateral. Traditional media can build name recognition and foster a positive association with your business. However, it may be necessary to invest in branding and key messaging to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward online and offline.

Drawing a direct connection between traditional media and ROI can be more challenging. Unlike digital channels, there is little you can do in the way of call tracking or other methods for exactly determining how a traditional media campaign impacts your bottom line.

However, a knowledgeable agency (particularly one specializing in traditional and digital media) can help you assess results. When you run traditional media campaigns, you should expect to see more online searches for your business name (known as branded searches), higher website traffic, more leads and sales, and other improvements. Agencies well-versed in analytics and reporting can provide you with the insights you need.

A traditional media agency is a company that handles clients’ offline marketing and advertising. Crucial to such an agency’s services is media planning and buying.

Traditional media agencies can handle conversations with TV affiliates, radio stations, print publications, and other vendors on your behalf. Often, they are able to negotiate better prices for ad spots and placements and determine whether you got what you paid for.

Businesses may approach one or more TV affiliates directly to purchase advertising inventory. Although this direct approach can be effective, unscrupulous ad reps can take advantage of owners and agencies who aren’t familiar with the TV advertising landscape.

You likely don’t have the resources to know how much a TV spot costs when it is aired on a particular day at a particular time in a particular market. Advertising agencies not only know how much TV commercials should cost, but they know that the prices are negotiable. Working with an agency typically keeps the cost of the campaign down.

For certain industries, the average TV buying agency will focus almost exclusively on daytime TV spots. Considering that viewers can watch what they want when they want, this strategy represents a significant missed opportunity to reach a broader audience. Choosing an agency that isn’t stuck in the past and looks beyond the 9 to 5 programming block is essential.

Another component of TV advertising that can be difficult for businesses to navigate on their own is the extremely narrow set of specifications a commercial must meet to be accepted for broadcast. If the frame rate, aspect ratio, length, quality, and other components aren’t exactly right, your ads won’t go to air.

So, while you can buy TV ads yourself, it is often in your best interest to work with an agency. In addition to getting you a fair price, an agency well-versed in video production can create ads for television and other media.

As with buying television ads, businesses that call up a radio station and inquire about advertising might end up overpaying for inventory. It is far better to have a traditional media agency handle your radio ad buys.

Radio ads must also meet very specific requirements before they can be aired. Timing and talent (i.e., the delivery of the message) must both be on point for an effective radio spot. In addition to assisting you with buying radio ads, an agency may also be able to aid in the production process.

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