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First - Define Your Goals

It may be easy to assume the goal of any media marketing campaign is to drive engagement and conversions, but that is an oversimplification. Thought must be given to the micro-moments that lead up to your sales and how you can strategically use different media channels to target specific points in the customer journey.

Is your goal to raise brand awareness, increase action taken on your website, or fill an event? Defining the main goal of your campaign will determine the messaging and methods chosen to reach your desired outcome.

Define your goals
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Identify Your
Target Audience

Our strategic media planning process begins by analyzing your unique marketing goals and objectives. Next, we identify your target audience.

If you already have solid data on your target audience, we will use that to inform your ad strategy. If not, our expert media planners will gather the necessary data they need to evaluate your market and pinpoint your ideal customer.

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Tailor Your Media Mix

There are a number of media channels to choose from to deliver your marketing message. We will use the information we gathered in the goal-setting and research phases of the process to determine which media mix best fits your needs. A media mix can be any combination of online or offline channels.

Social media:

Ads on social media platforms like Facebook are an affordable way to target your audience by age, gender, interests, relationship status, and more. It allows you to connect more personally with your customers and even provides the potential for going viral.


Pay per click ads are a cost-efficient way to capitalize on search intent. Results are easy to measure and track, which offers a wealth of useful data.

Digital publications:

Several digital publications allow the opportunity to communicate with their databases through newsletters or personalized emails. Specialized publications make it easier to get in front of your target audience and track open rates.

TV & cable:

The average American watches five hours of television each day, making TV and cable advertising a tried-and-true way to reach a very broad audience.


Ads on radio have a local appeal, allowing you to target specific communities or geographic regions. It’s also an effective way to build frequency with your market.


Advertising through local newspapers is an effective way to spread your message in specific areas. You can further target your audience by thoughtfully choosing the section of the paper where your ad will appear.


Research shows that people have higher trust in magazine ads than other types of media. Magazines also have a long shelf life, as readers tend to hold on to them for weeks after reading them.


Billboards can share your message with up to 10,000 people a month in the right areas. Out-of-home ads can also include mall, airport, and other displays.

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consider reach and frequency
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Consider Reach & Frequency

Reach and frequency are key components of any media plan. Reach refers to the number of people your campaign will be in front of for a certain amount of time. Frequency describes the number of times your ad reaches your audience over the course of a campaign.

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We Are Your Media
Buying Experts

Once your media plan has been created, our experienced media buyers will connect with the channels identified in your media mix. By leveraging our strong negotiating skills and tapping into our media clout, we’ll make sure you aren’t paying a penny more than you should for a specific audience or campaign. Then, we monitor performance to ensure the media purchased is achieving its goals.

maximizing value in media buying
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Maximizing Value in
Media Buying

Media vendors often consider the combined media spend of all clients coming out of an agency when negotiating rates. The more an agency spends with a media vendor, the larger the discount.

We put a lot of time into building relationships with media vendors. As a result, Twelve Three Media often learns about opportunities when they first become available.

Why Choose Twelve Three Media for
Your Media Planning & Media Buying?

Our in-house media buyers are expert negotiators who specialize in getting the right price and placement for your brand message. As a full-service digital marketing and advertising agency, we can successfully execute every aspect of your marketing campaign, from content development to conversion optimization. We love creating success for our clients and, it shows in our results.

When it comes to media buying, relationships are pivotal. We take pride in the relationships we’ve built with our media partners, and we put those relationships to work for you. You’ll benefit from our years of experience and the passion and creativity of our industry pros.

We’re results-focused. We’ll keep you up-to-date on the performance of your campaign and make adjustments along the way to optimize the reach and effectiveness of your advertising efforts.

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