Twelve Three Media earns spot as Google Premier Advertising Partner

Twelve Three Media Is Pioneering a New Standard as Google’s Premier Advertising Partner

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, there are few companies that manage to consistently distinguish themselves through innovation, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. One such firm is Twelve Three Media, a full-service marketing agency that recently ascended to the elite ranks of Google’s Premier Advertising Partners. This places us among just 584 firms awarded this honor in the United States.

Who is included in this directory?

Google Premier Partners and Partners are awarded their place in the Google Partners directory. They’re recognized for meeting a set of requirements. Additionally, Premier Partners are recognized for being among the top 3% of Google Partners in their country.

How Twelve Three Media became a Google Premier Partner

The Genesis and Growth of Twelve Three Media

Twelve Three Media has cemented its place in the digital marketing sphere through a steadfast dedication to our mission: “To achieve world-class results for companies of all sizes and budgets with precision, integrity, and education. To constantly challenge the status quo—especially our own.” Driven by this mission, our team has been revolutionizing the industry, one campaign at a time, delivering unparalleled results for a diverse range of clients.

Our vision, “To be a global marketing authority by exposing the industry and setting a new standard,” is a testament to our ambition and commitment to become a leading force in the digital marketing space. The recent recognition as a Google Premier Advertising Partner is a significant stride towards this vision, reinforcing our place as an industry trailblazer.

Google Premier Partners: An exclusive club of advertisers | Twelve Three Media

The Exclusive Club of Google Premier Advertising Partners

Twelve Three Media’s inclusion as a Google Premier Advertising Partner is no small achievement. This status is awarded to digital marketing agencies that excel in managing Google’s advertising products, meeting rigorous requirements in terms of certifications, ad spend, and most importantly, demonstrating client growth and exceptional performance.

This recognition is proof positive of Twelve Three Media’s prowess in utilizing Google’s suite of advertising products. It underlines our commitment to delivering on our mission and vision by driving client success and staying at the forefront of the industry’s evolving landscape.

What Google Premier Partner status means for clients of Twelve Three Media

What This Means for Twelve Three Media and Its Clients

Earning the status of a Google Premier Advertising Partner has multiple implications. For Twelve Three Media, this recognition cements our reputation as a leader in digital marketing, offering validation for our hard work and dedication to our mission. It also grants us an array of new opportunities and benefits, including early access to Google’s latest features and tools and ongoing training and support.

Screenshot of Google Premier Partner benefits, including Education & Insights and Access & Support | Twelve Three Media

Screenshot of Google Premier Partner benefits, including Recognition & Rewards | Twelve Three Media

For clients, this partnership signifies an even higher level of service. They can now enjoy the assurance that their marketing strategies are being developed and executed by a recognized leader in the industry, equipped with advanced knowledge of Google’s advertising products.

Google Premier Partner status affords Twelve Three Media, clients a powerful future

A Visionary Future

With this landmark achievement, Twelve Three Media takes a significant step toward realizing its vision of becoming a global marketing authority. But true to our mission, we view this not as a destination, but as another milestone in our perpetual pursuit of challenging the status quo and setting new standards in the industry.

In a landscape where success is contingent on the ability to adapt and evolve, Twelve Three Media stands out not merely for keeping pace with the industry but for setting the pace. With our position as a Google Premier Advertising Partner, we are demonstrating that we are not just part of the digital marketing industry—we are actively shaping its future.

Enlist a Google Premier Partner to optimize your Google Ads campaigns | Twelve Three Media

The Time to Act Is Now

In this age of digital marketing, the landscape is constantly shifting, and opportunities won’t wait. It’s time to align yourself with an agency that not only understands the present but is also shaping the future. Partnering with a Google Premier Advertising Partner like Twelve Three Media guarantees you an edge in this competitive world.

Don’t let your business be left behind in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. Feel free to verify Twelve Three Media’s acclaimed status on Google’s directory of premier partners. If you don’t find your current agency listed there, it might be time to reassess and align with a certified partner like Twelve Three Media.

Check out Twelve Three Media’s Google Premier Partner listing.

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