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Website design and development is a cornerstone of successful digital marketing. The success of your marketing and advertising campaigns hinges not only on how your website looks but how it performs.

Many website development companies outsource tasks to contractors overseas. At Twelve Three Media, our Website Design and Development Experts roll direct. We handle all aspects of design and development in-house, ensuring consistency, quality, and adherence to best practices.

Is your agency cutting corners, relying on bloated templates, and delegating work to anonymous third parties who don’t care about your business? Twelve Three Media is committed to your success. Our industry experts bring skill, ingenuity, and an obsessive passion for excellence to every project.

Every website we build is enterprise-level. Businesses of all sizes need world-class marketing. We provide you with the foundation to stand out in your market, drive leads and sales, and track the results to ensure your marketing budget is well-spent.

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Your Website Should Be Your
Hardest-Working Employee

The brands that dominate their industry use their website as an essential business tool. An effective website doesn’t just serve as an online extension of your business; it supports and serves as a destination for multiple elements of your digital marketing and ads.

Whether you provide professional services or your website serves as a digital storefront, a professionally designed website can fulfill a number of different roles:


The performance of your website plays a major role when it comes to search engine optimization. In addition to optimizing individual pages, your website as a whole needs to be built according to Google’s ranking factors.

Social Media

Social media marketing is crucial for growing your online visibility and cultivating an audience. Your profiles need to point to a high-quality website that users can rely upon as they make connections with your brand.

Digital Advertising

As with organic search marketing, your website should serve as a powerful destination for any number of digital ad campaigns. No matter what types of ads you run, your site needs to be built with maximizing conversions in mind.

Optimizing Conversions

Conversion rate optimization should be a foundational element of website design and development. Thoughtfully designed websites should point visitors to conversion points such as click-to-call phone numbers, online forms, sign-up pages, online checkouts, and more.

Validating Results

Your website should be set up to take advantage of the latest and greatest analytics and reporting tools and any third-party systems you use to track leads, manage your database, etc. These tools can help create a positive feedback loop between your website and your marketing efforts. As users visit your site, you can identify who they are, segment audiences for specific campaigns, and track the results so you get a comprehensive picture of your ROI.

Your business website should serve customers’ needs 24 hours a day. When your office is closed, visitors should be able to come to the website and find the information they need, make a purchase, schedule an appointment, and take other actions that are essential to the success of your business.

Businesses hire employees to make a difference in operations and drive revenue. If your website isn’t making you money, it is time to invest in a new website that can help you boost your profits.

How Does
Website Design & Development Work?

Getting started on a website is pretty easy. The first step is sharing information with our team on your products and/or services and how your business works. If you currently have a website, we do a deep dive into the data to see how your digital marketing and ads are performing.

Next, we perform competitor research to see what other businesses in your market and industry are doing and the results they get. Finally, we draw upon decades of collective experience to put best practices in place and build a website that you can be proud of, that your customers will love, and is custom crafted to stand out online.

The website experts at Twelve Three Media live by a simple code:

Form Follows Function.

Our team doesn’t implement all the bells and whistles on the websites we design. That’s wasteful, and it can leave your website slow, overly complicated, and unsecure.

Instead, our website designers and developers carefully tailor your website for maximum functionality. Unlike many agencies, we don’t always recommend building a new website from the ground up when a new client comes aboard. Depending on your needs, goals, and budget, we may be able to harness your current website and make improvements that complement other aspects of your digital strategy.

If you do need a website – whether your business is new or it’s time for an overhaul – our team is ready, willing, and able to make that happen, too. And we’ll knock that new site out of the park for you!

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Why Choose Twelve Three Media
for Your Website Design & Development?

There are countless companies that build websites. You need an agency that puts the needs and goals of your business at the center of the design and development process.

At Twelve Three Media, we leverage decades of industry experience, advanced technical knowledge, and proven results to build astonishing enterprise-level websites. The secret lies in what we do – and don’t do – to build websites that our clients love and their customers wholeheartedly embrace.

We take pride in the quality of our websites, and it shows in our work. When you choose Twelve Three Media for your website design and development, you can expect:

Brand-First Website Design & Development

Our branding services are second to none. Building a brand shares many similarities with creating an effective website:

  • Defining your goals
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Understanding your differentiators
  • Creating a persona for your business; your brand identity will guide all aspects of how you present yourself
  • Developing key messaging and visual cues that appeal to the needs and goals of your customers

Far too many agencies take a cookie-cutter approach to web design and development. They treat every client the same, and they usually make websites according to a very simple, stale template.

Your business needs to stand out from the crowd. At Twelve Three Media, we are able to create truly unique websites for our clients because our web design experts prioritize branding in the look and feel of your website.

Obsession with Page Speed and Mobile-First Functionality

Fast load times and intuitive designs are part of the plan. Google and consumers alike prioritize these qualities in a website, driven in large part by the fact that mobile users make up the majority of online traffic.

The standard is fast. If pages on your website aren’t interactive on mobile within 3 or 4 seconds max, your business will struggle to compete in the search results.

Furthermore, your website must include all of the features users need to find the information they want and, if they’re ready, convert. A mobile-first website will be able to achieve this on all device types and screen sizes.

Twelve Three Media keeps these considerations top of mind. We obsessively analyze load times and traffic patterns so we can optimize your website for the best user experience and to maximize the likelihood that your website will rank in search.

Read More: Why Does Page Speed Matter?

Priority Focus on User Flow

The user flow or user journey is a term for the pathways users take when they visit a website. Most business websites fail because they don’t offer intuitive navigation and conversion points.

At Twelve Three Media, mapping out the user journey is a key component of our web development process. Using a combination of industry best practices and a thorough understanding of your business and objectives, we determine how users will move through your website on mobile devices and desktop computers.

Wireframing is one of the most important steps in our website development process. This involves creating an illustration of the design that helps us visualize how the completed website will look and what the user flow will be. The wireframe serves as a blueprint that guides all of our decisions concerning the way users will move through the website and where they should go.

Products and services of all kinds have a sales cycle. We take into account the different needs and goals of customers at different stages of the funnel, design website functionality to serve those needs, and develop your website to maximize conversions at every point.

Custom Design

Out-of-the-box themes for website designs are all over the internet. Although prefab themes might be great for amateur designers and website mills, Twelve Three Media takes a customized approach guided by expertise and technical know-how.

Themes usually come bundled with an inordinate amount of extra plugins, code, and functions that are hardly ever used and only cause your site to become slow and fragmented over time. Ideally, you want a custom-coded theme that is built specifically for your needs.

The developers at Twelve Three Media don’t use themes, and we only use plug-ins when absolutely necessary. We take a custom approach to developing both the front end and the back end of the website so the site has everything it needs to work well and nothing that disrupts the functionality and user experience.

No Outsourcing

A lot of marketing agencies put on a customer-focused face when interacting with clients but send website design and development work to companies overseas. It’s a dirty little secret, and one that is never ideal for the business owner.

You don’t want some yahoo halfway around the world working on your website in bits and pieces from a bunch of support tickets. You need dedicated, in-house support from team members you can actually talk to directly and know how to make the changes and updates you need.

At Twelve Three Media, our web developers maintain full control over the website. We work on our clients’ websites directly, often interfacing with the clients themselves to foster a truly collaborative, mutually beneficial partnership.

Support for All Content Management Systems

A content management system (CMS) is a platform that enables individuals and businesses to update their websites without the need for complex coding. Our web development experts work across all major CMS applications, including:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • And More

No matter what CMS you use, our team can ensure that your website is set up for success.

Quality Hosting

Hosting is one of the most important factors to a website’s success. It is also one of the most overlooked.

At Twelve Three Media, we only use premium vendors to host our clients’ websites. These partners employ only the most up-to-date versions of server software, guaranteeing your site speed and security.

We utilize the latest and greatest features to keep your website safe and loading fast. These include:

  • A dedicated hosting environment to ensure the proper server resources are available for any amount of website traffic, as well as no possibility of downtime due to a noisy neighbor. (Oftentimes in shared hosting environments poorly coded websites can be vulnerable to attacks or cause a huge drain on system resources which could crash the server.)
  • Premium syndicated DNS (domain name system) with firewalls; this quickly resolves requests to access your website, enabling the site to load quickly while maintaining secure encryption.
  • Content delivery networks (CDNs) that speed up the load times for rich media (such as images, videos, etc.) on your website by connecting with the server closest to the user’s physical location.
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Website Design Company Today!

Far too many website companies take a “churn-and-burn” mentality. They focus on building websites fast with little to no emphasis on customization, quality control, and – most important of all – results.

Businesses hire Twelve Three Media because we serve as partners in our clients’ success. We communicate extensively with clients to ensure that the web design is beautiful and the website is developed with your expectations, the needs of the audience, and digital marketing best practices in mind.

As a full-service agency, we implement a frictionless workflow. The team members who work on your website collaborate seamlessly with other departments with the shared goal of helping you achieve the best results.

Much of the success of your digital marketing and advertising hinges on your website. Find out how our website design and development company can help you grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Website Design & Development

This question is difficult to answer without knowing a client’s individual goals and budget. Ultimately, the best way to see how website design and development can fit into your budget is to speak to our team.

We will provide you with an honest estimate of what it will cost to redesign your current website or build and develop a new website for your business. The price tag for the project will be based on the time, energy, and effort necessary to create the website you want.

Our team employs a number of efficiencies to keep costs down without sacrificing quality. This is possible because of our decades of experience working at the highest level for clients in multiple industries all over the world.

Some marketing agencies specialize in websites using a particular content management system. Although we can work within any CMS, WordPress is our platform of choice for designing and developing websites.

WordPress allows for the creation of enterprise-level websites without the need to reinvent the wheel with every project. Although simplicity is the hallmark of WordPress development (hence its popularity), talented developers can work wonders with a range of robust features.

Between our agency’s knowledge of WordPress and the ease of using the CMS, we are able to develop websites in a fraction of the time it takes other agencies. We also utilize the many sophisticated features in WordPress to improve your SEO, publish content, and more.

Enterprise organizations are large companies. As you might expect, the websites for these businesses need to be multifunctional and provide maximum support for all kinds of marketing activities.

No matter the size of your business, your website should be designed to enterprise-level standards. If you treat your website as an online brochure, you’re going to get minimal return on investment and it is unlikely that you will meet your goals.

At Twelve Three Media, we design and develop websites in accordance with best practices and industry standards. Major enterprises are the ones who set these standards, which is why we embrace the principles of enterprise web development whether we are designing a website for a local business or a multinational corporation.

Absolutely! The design of your website should reflect your brand and be consistent with any and all digital and traditional marketing assets you have.

Website design is a major part of the creative services we provide at Twelve Three Media. Clients trust us to align the appearance and functionality of the website with their vision, values, and the key characteristics of their customers.

This is more than just a “roundup” of creative assets. It is the process our team uses to understand your business and bring all of the components of your marketing strategy together. This allows our team to create a cohesive visual aesthetic and messaging for your website.

The barrier for entry to be a web developer has never been lower. Anyone with a computer and an account on a marketplace for website themes can call themselves a developer.

Unfortunately, many small and mid-size businesses fall into the trap of hiring cheap developers to handle their websites. In most cases, this leads not only to a low-quality website but underperforming marketing and ad campaigns as well.

As discussed above, professional website development is an asset for any business looking to boost their marketing efforts. Web development involves optimizing the consumer-facing side of the website while making numerous changes behind the scene to provide maximum stability, functionality, and usability.

Reputable web development companies will communicate with you consistently to ensure that your website works great. If your marketing and ad campaigns are underperforming, this may signal an issue with your website that a developer can quickly fix.

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