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Twelve Three Media is a website design and development company built on the belief that there is a common way to do things and a right way. Our seasoned team of agency veterans and industry experts has seen firsthand how other website companies cut corners, copy templates, and outsource work to cut-rate vendors overseas.

We decided to be better. We’ve chosen to do things the right way, not the common way. It’s not always easy, but it’s always worth it. Nowhere is this commitment more evident than in our approach to website design and development, the heart of our business.

Industry-leading quality doesn’t come from overused plug-ins or pre-packaged themes. It is the result of skill, ingenuity, and an obsessive passion for excellence. Leveraging decades of proven industry experience, our website design and development experts methodically build every website from the ground up.

We don’t take shortcuts and we demand quality.

Your website is often your business’s first impression on prospective customers. You need to make it count. Our website design and development experts create easily navigated websites that are elegant, functional, and fast.

Attracting the right audience is just half of the battle. Visitors must engage with your website. Our in-house team of highly skilled and experienced developers ensures that users are met with the best experience possible, with no challenges, glitches, or obstacles.

We make sure that your website is your hardest-working employee. It must be able to educate, inspire, and leave your customers feeling great about their experience. Your website is a reflection of your business; we’ll make it the best it can be.

What to look for in web dev company
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What to Look for in a
Website Development Company

There are countless website companies out there, ranging from full-service digital marketing agencies to bargain-basement website mills. When the quality of your website matters, you need to know how to spot a reputable agency you can trust.

When looking for your next (or first) website development company, consider the following questions:

Do they use purchased themes?

Ask if they use an off-the-shelf theme for their client websites. Themes usually come bundled with an inordinate amount of extra plugins, code, and functions that are hardly ever used and only cause your site to become slow and fragmented over time. Ideally, you want a custom-coded theme that is built specifically for your needs.

Do they outsource development or have in-house developers?

This one is straightforward. Ideally, you do not want your site developed overseas. If you require changes or updates, you need to be able to talk to a team member to have them implemented quickly, rather than submitting a support ticket. You want your development company to have full control over your website. It is important to have creative collaboration between team members within an agency.

Do they use SSL certificates?

You would be surprised at how many large companies still do not utilize a security certificate to deliver a secure connection between users and the website. Having an SSL is definitely a standard and should not be overlooked.

Do they implement a CDN (content delivery network)?

Serving up images, video, and other media to your users is what occupies the most bandwidth. A CDN can speed up the delivery of large files based on where the user is located. Your media will be syndicated across high-performance servers throughout the country and be served by the closest server to that user. The performance benefits of a CDN are amazing!

How do they host websites?

Ask how they host their client websites. We DO NOT recommend using inexpensive hosting like GoDaddy or Bluehost. Hosting is one of the most important aspects of a website and is often neglected and overlooked. With a good host, you can increase security, guarantee up-time, and take advantage of backups and other features.

What are their webpage load times?

A serious web development company is going to obsess overload time for their finished websites. After all, we live in a mobile world that is dictated by Google. It has been mandated by Google that if your site is slow to load it will be penalized. Optimizing for fast load time is very complex. Your site should load in 3-5 seconds, period.

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Why choose twelve three for web design
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Why Choose Twelve Three Media for Your
Website Design & Development?

We take pride in the quality of our websites and it shows in our work. When you choose Twelve Three Media for your website design and development, you can expect:

  • No out-of-the-box themes:

    We custom-code your website from the ground up to achieve your unique objectives. This means your website is specifically tailored to meet the distinct needs of your products or services.

  • Premium platform:

    We create websites that are sophisticated, secure, and scalable. We use WordPress for its proven security, easily updated content management system, responsive mobile capabilities, and ability to be highly customized.

  • We don’t rely on plugins:

    Many developers overuse plugins, causing your site to run sluggish and be more open to cyber attacks. We try to avoid plugins wherever we can.

  • Obsession with functionality & speed:

    Fast load times and intuitive designs are part of the plan. We aim to please Google. This means pleasing your users. Your users should have a lightning-fast experience. They should also be able to use your website to find the information they need without working hard to find it.

  • Most technologically advanced options:

    We stay up to date on technology trends. We use only premium hosting vendors and do not skimp on speed and reliability to save a buck. We utilize the latest and greatest services to keep your site safe and loading fast, like premium syndicated DNS services that include firewalls. We also incorporate the latest content delivery strategies for our clients by using CDNs (content delivery networks) as well as implementing proprietary technology like Google’s AMP project (accelerated mobile pages).

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