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User-friendly, mobile-first designs.

We are a web design & development company.

Your website should be your hardest working employee.

We have a detailed and obsessive approach to building technologically sound websites. Our team has decades of experience developing and designing for the web.

We believe that your website should be your hardest working employee. What does that mean? To name a few, your website should be able to educate, take contact information, track attribution, and leave your customers feeling good about their experience. This digital employee works non-stop, 24 hours per day and should be your right-hand-man, not a problem-child.

Web Design Agency
Web Development Agency

Denver’s top website development team.

We know your website is often responsible for leaving that first impression on your prospective customers.

Remember, getting the user to your site is just half of the battle. They need to engage. Don't settle for mediocre when it comes to your web presence. You can count on our highly skilled and experienced team of designers and developers to ensure that the user experience of your website meets the highest standards.

Our website development practices:

We do not use out-of-the-box themes.

We custom code each website from the ground up, tailored to fit your business needs. This means your website is unique and designed to sell or promote the specific product or service you are offering.

Yes, we use WordPress, but...

We create websites that are scalable and updatable. WordPress is the most popular open-source platform, and we have the experience necessary to build and maintain a customized, secure, smooth-running WordPress site.

We don't rely on plugins.

Many developers will overuse plugins, causing your site to run sluggish and be more open to cyber attacks. We try to avoid plugins wherever we can.

We are obsessed with functionality and speed.

Intuitive designs and fast load times are the name of the game. Users should have a lightning-fast experience and find the information they need without waiting.

We are passionate about technology.

We utilize the latest and greatest services to keep your site fast and safe, such as premium syndicated DNS services that include firewalls. We also incorporate the latest content delivery strategies by using CDN’s (content delivery networks), as well as implementing proprietary technology like Google’s AMP project (accelerated mobile pages).

Facebook Ads: How to Launch a Facebook Advertising Campaign
Facebook Ads: How to Launch a Facebook Advertising Campaign

Learn how important social media is becoming for marketing and how you can implement strategic Facebook ads to drive more traffic to your website or products.

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Recent web projects:

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What to look for when choosing a web development company:

Purchased Themes

Do they use purchased themes?

Themes usually come bundled with an excessive amount of extra plugins, code, and functions that are hardly ever used, only causing your site to become slow and fragmented over time. We create custom coded websites, built for your exact needs.

SSL Certificates

Do they use SSL certificates?

You would be surprised at how many large companies still do not utilize a security certificate to deliver a secure connection between users and their website. Having an SSL is a standard and should not be overlooked.


Where do they host their websites?

We DO NOT recommend using inexpensive hosting providers like GoDaddy or Bluehost. Hosting is one of the most important aspects of a website and is often neglected and overlooked. With a good host, you can increase speed and security, guarantee up-time, and take advantage of backup and other features.

Outsource Development

Do they outsource development?

Relying on an in-house team like Twelve Three assures seamless communication with your development partner. Access and collaboration are essential when working with an agency.


Do they implement a CDN (content delivery network)?

Serving images, video, and other media to your users occupies a great deal of bandwidth. A CDN can speed up the delivery of large files based on a user's location. Your media will be syndicated across high-performance servers throughout the country and dispatched by the closest server to that user. The performance benefits of a CDN are amazing!

Load Time

What about load times?

Any web development company worth their salt is going to be obsessed with the load times of the sites they build. After all, it has been mandated by Google that if your website is too slow, it will be penalized. Your site should load in 3-5 seconds, period.

Why hire Twelve Three Media to handle your next project?

You've read this far down the page, and you're probably curious whether Twelve Three Media may the right fit for your company. A robust, technologically sound website is an integral part of your marketing mix. We will be transparent and advise you on what is working and what is not. Isn't it time to take your website to the next level?

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