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Over 2.5 billion people are building connections on social media daily. Nearly 1 in 3 relationships start online. Why should your business join the conversation? It’s time to take advantage of the digital world. Social media has become a lifestyle where people are spending hours on end scrolling their feeds. Facebook and Youtube have become major search platforms. Your business is being noticed, researched, and rated as you’re reading this. Don’t know how to reach those new connections, that’s where we come in.

Twelve Three Media will help build you a brand that consumers will trust and remember. Our social team has the knowledge and experience to provide value to your brand, create new attention, build trust, and provide additional business opportunities. They will do this by producing original content targeting your ideal customers using the voice of your brand.

Majority of Americans now use Facebook, YouTube

% of U.S. adults who say they use the following social media sites online or on their cellphone

Social Media Usage

Note: Pre-2018 telephone poll data is not available for YouTube, Snapchat. Source: Survey conducted Jan 3-10, 2018. Trend data from previous Pew Research Center Surveys.

Conversations are Happening Now, Are You a Part of Them?

Social Media Reactions

How Social Media Works

Social Media Provides Value
Social media is relationship and conversation media providing real human to human connections.

Social Media Should Create Attention
Engaging with your audience on social media the right way will continue to reenforce what you do and what you have to offer.

Social Media Builds Awareness
Being a Google Partner lets you know the agency follows a higher standard.

Social Media Provides Opportunity
By continued engagement with your followers you are sure to see an increase in word of mouth referrals and brand advocates.

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What to Expect From Your Social Media Company

👍 Create Daily Attention Grabbing Posts

You can count on a high-engaging brand related post going out 365 days of the year. Our social team will sit down and research your market, which will help target your desired audience appropriately. We are your brand’s voice, allowing your business to build a relationship with your users. Each post will be unique to the product or service you are selling. This content will build the trust of your users leading them to like and engage with your page/brand.

💯 Grow Your Page

We will increase social followers by posting high-quality content with your brand’s voice in mind. Researching the market and offering relatable services to gain attention will help your social page increase. To be successful in social media, monitoring and engaging is crucial. We will converse with followers about any questions or issues they may have. Joining the conversation is what will set you apart from your competitors. We focus on having five-star reviews where followers are able to trust our brands and continue coming back.

💭 Reputation Management

A brand's reputation is very important to consumers. Social proof of who you are and what you do will give followers insight. They will do the research to make sure you are worthy enough for them to trust. We are your voice. Our social team will engage with every comment, message, review or referral making the user feel heard and/or appreciated.

❤️ Social Brand Awareness

Trust is earned and never bought on social media. Once you have earned that trust from your users they then become brand advocates by sharing with others how much they enjoy your product or service. This will leave you with the opportunity to sell or meet new users. Social proof that you are who you say you are seals the deal with that future client. Gaining more clients and customers is what will help your brand grow.

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