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Video Production Overview

Video marketing is no longer optional for your business. You can only do so much with JPEGs, and text alone isn’t going to sell your products or drive leads. If you do invest in video, you can’t rely on a video template and a talking head to drive engagement and grow your business. Not only do you need high-quality video production, but you need a clear vision for how video will fit into your marketing and advertising.

Twelve Three Media does video differently than other agencies. We don’t use a standard list of shots and formulaic editing.

Instead, we work closely with clients to determine what their videos should communicate, what goals they are trying to reach, and how success needs to be measured.

From pre-production to delivery and performance, our Video Production Experts can help you create truly unique video assets that bolster your visibility, engagement, and leads. We create compelling, engaging video content; place it in front of your ideal audience; and track its effectiveness. If you’re looking for a proven agency that delivers results, you’re in the right place.

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How Twelve Three Media
Does Video Production

Our video production service is a comprehensive process customized to your business. Brand positioning is critical to this approach. To produce videos that speak to your audience and meet your objectives, we first need to understand the identity of your business and the key elements of your messaging.

Other video marketing agencies focus on the “origin story” of your business. Their videos might tell viewers a lot about your founding, who you are, and even why customers should choose you, but the finished product tends to be pretty static – a single 3-5 minute video with little thought for how it should be deployed.

At Twelve Three Media, we make every effort to avoid making boring videos that no one is going to watch in full. Our secret is to use your unique brand identity as a guide for all aspects of video production.

Our video production process involves all of the following:


The first step is video pre-production. We handle all of the logistics, including:

  • Writing the script
  • Developing a storyboard to plan out the shots and tell your story
  • Scouting and securing locations for the video shoot
  • Hiring talent (models, extras, voiceover artists, etc.) and crew (such as makeup artists) for the video shoot and/or during post-production
  • Composing an original music score in post-production
  • Obtaining any and alls props (furniture, staging items, etc.) and wardrobe essential for video production
  • Scheduling the video shoot – this includes coordinating with the principals at your business and any other employees involved

During this crucial phase of the video production process, we’ll plan and prepare every aspect of your video shoot. We’ll determine the goals and message of the video content and work out the details to ensure that the shoot is organized and cost-efficient.


Our team includes an experienced Videographer and a Creative Director with an unbeatable eye. Whether the video shoot is in your office, on location, or out in the streets, we will capture high-quality footage for your project.

Unlike many other agencies, our goal is not to shoot just one video that can be carved up across marketing and advertising channels. Instead, we carefully plan out the shoot in advance so we can get footage for multiple uses and campaigns.


Post-production encompasses all aspects of the editing process. It involves refining the raw footage and adding titles, graphics, music, voiceovers, and animations.

Your video can be as dazzling as a world-class advertisement or as simple as an in-office testimonial. We also keep the platforms where the videos may run top of mind, cutting different lengths and styles of video to appeal to different audiences or support different stages of the sales cycle.

No matter how complex or straightforward, great video campaigns are the result of a proven, thoughtful process. This coalesces during post-production, where our Video Production Experts bring the videos we planned for in pre-production to fruition.


Once your professional-quality video is complete, we launch the finished product on any and all platforms that help you reach your goals. Maximizing value is at the heart of our video production service, which is why we take the time to optimize videos for multiple formats.

We consider all of the ways digital video content can boost your business, including:

You might hear other agencies and video production companies talk about a “branding video.” Although it may be tempting to invest in a high-quality video that tells the story of your business, this is often the only story these firms know how to tell.

Twelve Three Media delivers videos focused on your brand but designed with results in mind. Our videos don’t just look pretty; they complement your advertising and marketing and serve your broader goals. This means maximizing videos in as many ways as possible.

Analytics and Reporting

Far too many agencies create quality videos but never report on results. Clients might be pleased with the look and feel of the videos, but they are often left wondering what the ROI is on the assets they just spent so much money on.

You never have to ask this question of Twelve Three Media. Our experts thrive on data, and you can count on us to provide honest, straightforward insights on how your videos are helping your marketing and advertising.

Analytics and reporting is one of the most daunting areas of video marketing, and it is often the source of conversations that other agencies don’t want to have. Not so at Twelve Three Media – we welcome the opportunity to validate our results and have detailed conversations about how we can better reach your goals!

Video Production Marketing Analytics
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Why Video Is
Vital for Your Marketing

Simply put, you need to invest in video because it’s what customers expect and demand. Having a few videos on a long-forgotten YouTube channel won’t cut it anymore. If you want to reach consumers on the platforms where they are most engaged and likely to pay attention, custom digital video is essential.

More than one-quarter of consumers watch over 10 hours of digital video content per week. The fastest growing segment for digital video advertising is over the top (OTT), an umbrella term that encompasses video consumed on a wide range of Internet-connected devices.

Across all devices and platforms, video consumption is only going to grow. Savvy marketers and advertisers are embracing this trend now to ensure that clients are well-positioned to reach their target audiences and drive leads and conversions.

How to Create
Marketing Videos

Video production technology has evolved by leaps and bounds. Whether you’re on a shoestring budget or you have six figures or more at your disposal, any small to midsize business can fit video production in their marketing and advertising budget.

The question is how you want to go about it. Generally, there are a few options available:

  • Shoot videos yourself using your phone or a digital camera. These videos have an authentic feel, but the quality depends entirely on your knowledge of how to shoot video. The ability to edit videos and position them effectively in your marketing and advertising is also 100% tied to your aptitude.
  • Hiring a local videographer. Video production professionals shoot videos that are clean, well-lit, and properly framed. The audio also tends to be superior with a professional shoot. Local videographers may also be able to provide some basic editing, but their marketing and advertising abilities tend to be lacking.
  • Working with a video production agency. Hiring a reputable agency guarantees high-quality videos. You can also generally rely on the agency to provide logistical support during pre-production and capably handle post-production.

Obviously, hiring an agency for video production carries the highest likelihood of a quality product and support for your campaigns. But not all agencies are created equal, with many firms dropping the ball in key aspects of pre-production, launching video marketing and advertising campaigns, and tracking results. 

You need a marketing agency that doesn’t take shortcuts, make excuses, or waste your money when it comes to video production. Twelve Three Media focuses on the success of your business.

Types of Videos
Your Business Needs to Succeed

When you capture your customer’s eyes and ears, they are more likely to remember who you are and the products and services you offer. An effective video can build rapport, increase name recognition, and humanize your brand in a way no other medium is capable.

As with any marketing strategy, your digital video should be clear in its intent and message. Twelve Three Media can develop, create, and position videos for a variety of different purposes, including:

Your business has a unique story and your brand has a specific identity. Brand videos, ideally placed on your website’s home page or About page, are an effective way to connect your audience with your company’s values and persona.

These videos are intended to present the people at your business as experts in your given field. We develop questions with your expertise in mind (as well as the keywords and phrases underlying your search engine optimization). You answer the questions on camera, and we create videos that showcase your knowledge, skills, and experience.

A glowing review of your product or service is the most powerful conversion tool in your marketing toolkit. You can talk all day about how your brand is the best, but your audience wants to know what your previous customers think. Testimonial videos provide the social proof in a far more engaging fashion than a simple written review.

Seeing your products and services in action will leave a lasting impression with viewers. Whether you’re showcasing the features of your product or demonstrating the effectiveness of your services, a product video is worth a thousand pictures. Product and service videos can vary from a quick overview to an in-depth, long-format video sales letter that delves into the specific features and benefits of the service or product.

You may want to promote an upcoming event for your customers or share scenes of your company’s recent charity project. Event videos can fill seats or express your dedication to your community (or both!).

Simple animations that utilize helpful visuals and good scripts are proven teaching tools. A fun, quirky cartoon is a great way to explain a complex topic in a simple, straightforward way.

A video advertising campaign is a powerful, trackable, and creative way to promote a new product or special. With editing techniques specific to the medium, promotional video ads can be run on traditional broadcast television, digital platforms, and/or streaming video.

Horizontal and Vertical Video:
Why You Need Both!

Gone are the days when everyone watched videos on desktop computers that had roughly the same dimensions. Today, your customers are viewing videos on devices great (big-screen connected TVs) and small (smartphones).

You can’t take a video designed to be viewed on a computer or TV screen and expect it to play the same on a mobile phone. The orientation and proper placement of the video are both crucial, which is why Twelve Three Media creates vertical and horizontal videos to get the most mileage out of your video content.

More than 60% of viewers consume digital video on a smartphone. These viewers are best served with vertical videos that can be watched on a social media feed or mobile-optimized video player.

Conversely, the growing audience for OTT expects videos that fill the screen from edge to edge. Horizontal videos are a necessity for developing ads for connected TV and other devices (as well as the declining but still substantial audience of good old-fashioned desktop users).

Video Performance:
How We Validate and Monitor Success

At Twelve Three Media, our Three Pillars of Success represent the foundation for everything we do. This is certainly true for video production:

  1. PLAN: Extensive planning goes not only into pre-production and the lead up to the video shoot, but how we will use the videos when they are complete.
  2. TARGET: Our team seeks to understand your target audience through conversations with your team as well as by conducting independent research. These insights enable us to tailor the video content to your ideal customer.
  3. VALIDATE: We use sophisticated reporting tools to see how viewers engage with your videos and the impact on your marketing and advertising as a whole.

The secret to successful video marketing and advertising campaigns is putting in the thought and effort upfront to ensure your videos reach the right audience. At Twelve Three Media, we have experts in media planning and media buying who know both established and up-and-coming advertising platforms cold.

Our wealth of knowledge encompasses both campaign setups and reporting results. This includes:

Often, video production agencies will create videos and just create a static library that their clients can integrate into their own marketing and advertising. We help you position the videos for maximum impact and actively monitor the results.

Ready to Boost Your Marketing with High-Quality Video?
Get Your Video Production Project Underway!

If you haven’t invested in digital video content and video marketing yet, you’re already behind the curve. But just because you’re behind doesn’t mean you should jump at the first agency that provides video production services.

Video production is about more than pointing a camera and shooting. To truly succeed, you need a full-service agency that can make great videos, put them in the right place, and report the results.

Twelve Three Media has a wealth of in-house talent to handle video production, delivery, and marketing. Our approach is also worlds away from the so-called “industry standard.” From pre-production to final cut, we customize your video content to boost your brand, catch the viewer’s attention, and drive business. We also think multi-platform so your videos can be served to a wide range of audiences with different expectations.

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