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We are a Denver based SEO company.

Approaching each client with a custom tailored strategy is the way to guarantee results.

Your business is unique. There is no magic formula for search engine optimization and increased ranking. We look at your marketing mix and strive to make incremental gains on the various channels that support your business. We are best-practice oriented and always stay up-to-date on the latest trends to keep your business visible. We want to be your in-house digital marketing agency that is focused on your success and your results.

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What does an SEO company do, anyway?

There are many roles an SEO company will need to assume in order to be successful. Some of the aspects that relate to search engine optimization include:
  • Writing meaningful and original content
  • Keeping your website updated, engaging, and beautiful
  • Monitoring keyword ranking
  • Optimizing on-page content
  • Optimizing performance, security and other technical aspects of the website
  • Ensuring your business’ information, address and contact details are concise throughout the internet
  • Ensuring branding is consistent across your multiple platforms
  • Managing reputation and reviews on relevant platforms

SEO is more than your website.

There are many factors that dictate your ranking.

It begins with optimizing your website and keeping the user engaged. Referral links from authoritative websites, social engagement and other types of digital marketing also fall into the mix of search engine optimization. SEO should be a holistic approach to optimizing your online presence.

SEO Search

There’s no such thing as “build it, and they will come.” You have to place your content in front of people who matter.

Here’s what to ask yourself when choosing an SEO company:

Do they offer clear reporting?

It is important to understand the value of your investment in an SEO company. By receiving non-cryptic reports you can get a better idea of the progress being made.

Is there transparency?

Rome was not built in a day. There are always peaks and valleys. So it is important for an SEO company to explain the process of increasing your ranking. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Ask questions.

Do they outsource their work?

Ask if the SEO company has an in-house team of specialists or if they outsource their work to an overseas company. It is beneficial to you as the business owner to work with a company that employees talented in-house developers and SEO specialists. You want a dedicated team that will become familiar with your brand and offerings.

Is there validation and attribution?

A serious SEO company will be able to track leads and traffic so that they know exactly what is working and what needs to be changed. You will benefit from knowing the details of your campaign performance through attribution.

Are they a Google partner?

If they are a Google Partner, it means that they have experience working in the direct response vertical and understand the complex nature of keyword ranking.

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