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Digital advertising allows you access to 95% of people using online platforms.

With Digital advertising you can also target people in different stages of their shopping journey. You can reach people early to get on their consideration set. Or you can target people when they are ready to purchase.

Businesses love it because it is exact and it is trackable. Digital advertising spending is on track to surpass traditional advertising spending in 2020. But with advertising choices like search, display, social, connected TV, and digital audio, to name a few, how do you decide where to place your budgets? We can help!

What is Digital Advertising

What Is
Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising is the process of publishing ads on online platforms like search engines, websites, and social media. It allows you to precisely reach specific audiences in targeted geographical areas for less money than traditional methods.

Digital advertising involves much more than just popping up a quick ad on Facebook or Twitter. It includes the use of specialized advertising tools to research, manage, track, analyze, and improve the effectiveness of your online advertising campaign.

At its best, digital advertising integrates seamlessly into the user experience of your audience. It guides them toward your products and services in an engaged, natural way. By personalizing your digital ad to optimize its relevance to your customer, you also maximize its effectiveness and ability to convert. Since these ads are digital, you can follow every step your customer makes along the buying cycle.

Digital advertising can include:

Social media advertising:

Placing ads on social media sites allows you to target high-level demographics like age, gender, and interests, increasing your ads’ effectiveness.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

A great option for small businesses, PPC advertising only requires you to pay the platform you’re advertising on when someone clicks your ad.


Just because someone leaves your website without a purchase does not necessarily mean that the sale is lost. Remarketing creates personalized ad campaigns specifically for these users.

Search advertising:

More than half of all website visits begin in search engines like Google or Bing, and a high percentage of those searches are high-intention.

Affiliate marketing:

This involves the promotion of a brand’s products or services on an affiliate partner’s website.

Email advertising:

The overwhelming majority of customers prefer companies to communicate with them via email, including advertising. Using email to reach these audiences can put your brand in front of the competition.

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Is digital advertising worth it

Is Digital Advertising
Worth It?

Modern consumers spend time online researching products, companies, and reviews before making a purchase. It’s forced advertising agencies to get more creative, more helpful, and more genuine. Because of this, digital advertising just makes sense if you want to get your brand and offerings in front of your audience.

Consider these advantages of digital advertising:

  • It’s specific and targeted
  • It’s affordable and scalable
  • It’s fast to market
  • It provides flexibility
  • It invites mobile engagement
  • It’s easily measurable
  • It has the potential to go viral
How twelve three helps you thrive with Digital Advertising

How Twelve Three Media Helps You
Thrive with Digital Advertising

We’re passionate about your success. We won’t waste your time or money targeting platforms that don’t drive revenue. Instead, we take an analytical, cost-efficient approach that focuses on your bottom line. We audit campaigns from top to bottom to find what’s working and where you’re overspending.

Your campaign will be designed specifically for your unique offerings and market, based on industry analysis and customer buying trends. We will pinpoint the channels that can best grow your audience and lead to conversions.

When Twelve Three Media manages your digital advertising campaign, we will:

Create a customized advertising strategy:

Our experienced digital advertising specialists will evaluate your market, develop a strategy, and execute it precisely.

Develop engaging ads people actually want to click:

Our content specialists will craft your ad copy and images to capture the attention and interest of your target audience.

Monitor and optimize your ad’s performance:

By performing A/B split tests on your ads, we can quickly identify which approach is driving the best results. We will monitor your campaign daily to identify low-performing ads and retarget when necessary.

Analyze and report your results:

Our specialists will review your data and share your results on a regular basis. We’ll track your conversions, assess your metrics, and keep you updated every step of the way.

Why Choose Twelve Three Media
For Your Digital Advertising Management?

You have a business to run. Don’t squander your time and resources trying to master the complexities of digital advertising on top of doing what you do best. We are the advertising experts. For us that’s more than just a title - it’s an obsession.

  • We’re a Premier Google Partner:

    Only a handful of digital advertising agencies earn Premier Partner status with Google. The distinction is awarded only to agencies who have passed exhaustive testing and delivered outstanding results to their clients over an extended period of time. We are proud to hold this revered title.

  • We live and breathe digital advertising:

    We’ve spent millions of dollars in successful digital advertising. We are intimate with the complexities of digital marketing channels. We know how to execute and monitor campaigns to achieve maximum results.

  • We are your in-house digital advertising agency:

    We manage every aspect of advertising in-house using seasoned marketing experts. Since we don’t outsource any buying, we have full control over strategies and outcomes.

  • We’re fanatic about cost efficiency:

    One of the greatest advantages of digital advertising is its ability to affordably target your ideal market. We are passionate about stretching every dollar to maximize your ROI.

  • We deliver exceptional results:

    Our numbers speak for themselves, and so will yours. We’ll keep you up to date on your ad campaign’s data so you can see your growing success in real time.

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Contact Twelve Three Media Now for a Free Consultation.

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