222% increase in homepage traffic for Florida law firm | Twelve Three Media

Increased Traffic 222% for Orlando Personal Injury Law Firm by Simply Rewriting Their Homepage

The Challenge

Florida is an extremely competitive market for personal injury lawyers and law firms. One such firm in Orlando needed an edge to increase traffic to the website, stand out in search, and enhance brand awareness among potential clients.

The client had been with its previous marketing agency for over a decade. And yet, the firm still struggled to dominate local search results and drive visitors to the website.

What We Did

Twelve Three Media conducted a comprehensive branding workshop to develop a unique brand identity and messaging that was truly representative of the firm. We also performed in-depth keyword research and competitor analysis to see how other firms are positioning themselves in the market.

Our team drew upon this research and the completed brand persona to revise the content on the homepage of the client’s website. We updated the content to reflect the revised branding, capitalize on high-value keywords, and communicate effectively with visitors in need of a personal injury lawyer.


The updated homepage went live in July 2023. In just one month, we saw substantial improvements across multiple metrics.

Screenshot of Google Analytics 4 report showing increased views by page path and screen class for the home page | Twelve Three Media

Traffic to the Website Homepage


  • 222% increase in views
  • 52% increase in impressions
  • 45% increase in new users visiting the homepage for the first time
  • 40% increase in unique users overall
  • 34% increase in sessions (i.e., the number of new and returning visitors)
  • 25% increase in clicks
Screenshot of Google Analytics 4 report showing an increase in total clicks and impressions | Twelve Three Media

From Google Organic Search

  • 21% increase in users accessing the site from Google search results
  • 21% increase in engaged sessions
    • An engaged session “lasts longer than 10 seconds, has a conversion event, or has at least 2 pageviews or screenviews.”
  • 14% increase in events
    • In the new Google Analytics 4, events encompass different interactions with the website.
Screenshot of Google Analytics 4 session source and medium report for home page | Twelve Three Media

Direct Website Traffic

  • 52% increase in conversions
  • 34% increase in unique users accessing the website directly
  • 31% increase in engaged sessions
  • 21% increase in events
  • 15% increase in average engagement time per session
Screenshot of Google Analytics 4 landing page report showing increase in direct traffic to website home page | Twelve Three Media

Search Rankings for Priority Keywords

  • 85 position increase for keyword “personal injury lawyer”
  • 17 position increase for keyword “Orlando personal injury lawyer”
  • 30 position increase for keyword “Orlando personal injury lawyers”
  • 22,200 increase in total search volume
Screenshot of Semrush report showing improvements in keyword  performance | Twelve Three Media

Overall, the client saw increases across a host of key metrics after the homepage was rewritten. As always, more traffic and higher search rankings translate into more leads and cases.