Gates CarbonDrive Unchain Your Adventure

Gates Carbon Drive – Unchain Your Adventure

We’re really proud of this one. This digital storytelling project is part of an extensive campaign to communicate how the Gates Carbon Drive belt systems for bikes unlock the gates to uninterrupted adventure. When compared to traditional chain-driven bikes, the innovative Gates Carbon Drive belt system is uniquely maintenance and hassle-free.

Our goal was to create a compelling online experience that captures the imagination of the adventure-bicycling audience. We needed to highlight the jaw-dropping adventures of bikepackers and demonstrate how the Gates Carbon Drive belt system promotes the thrill and freedom of outdoor exploration.

Our design team developed a concept that showcases the experience of bikepacking through stunning photography, using a full-screen display and user interface. Much like a storybook, every time a user scrolls, a new slide cycles and locks into place. Each slide features a unique image that highlights the product’s technical or adventuring qualities.

The only way to truly understand the design’s impact is to experience the website for yourself. Visit Unchained Adventure to see what we created.

Gates Carbon Drive

Through photography, video, and personal testimonials, the website tells the stories of four inspiring adventurers in different, breathtaking parts of the world. While each rider has a distinct riding style, they all share a common love for the Gates Carbon Drive belt system.

Gates Carbon Drive Maintenance Free

Time on site was an important goal for our client, so the storybook framework allowed for an engaging experience that keeps users scrolling. In addition to putting a spotlight on the four bikepackers, our team worked to drive users to each rider’s social media channel and visit the Gates Carbon Drive website to familiarize themselves with all the product offerings.

The collaboration of talent on the final product was a huge success. The new campaign was unveiled at a high-profile bicycle event in California, where it was met with great praise.