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Doubled Share of Voice, Priority Keywords 100% Position 1 for Wisconsin Personal Injury Law Firm

The Challenge

A personal injury law firm wanted to dominate the local market in Madison, Wisconsin, for their two primary practice areas (car accidents and nursing home abuse). Unfortunately, their previous marketing agency was not up to the task.

When the firm expressed dissatisfaction with their rankings in the search results for priority keywords, the prior agency simply said it was “the best they could do.”

The firm decided to find a new marketing agency, ultimately choosing Twelve Three Media. In addition to improving the client’s search rankings, we had to earn the client’s trust and prove that their investment in SEO and content marketing could lead to exceptional results.

What We Did

Our Account Managers immediately began forging a strong partnership with this new client. We took the time to explain how we do SEO differently, the wide range of content deliverables we offer, and our data-obsessed approach to tracking results.

The client trusted us to develop a keyword list encapsulating terms and queries that aligned with their priorities for leads and cases. Once we had a baseline for how the client was ranking, our SEO and Content Team set to work right away identifying opportunities to improve the client’s performance in the SERPs.


Within less than a year of the firm becoming a client of Twelve Three Media, our team had doubled the SEO share of voice. (NOTE: Share of voice measures how much brand awareness an entity has in the search results compared to its competitors.)

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Our client is represented by the blue line in this graph.

In the same time period, we saw the client dominate the SERPs for the local market in Madison. Not only did the firm’s website appear on the first page of search results for all target keywords, but the firm was ranking position #1 for ALL priority keywords.

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These results demonstrate the importance of a positive, ongoing relationship between marketing agencies and their clients. Our SEO efforts and content strategy were driven by the client’s specific goals to rank first for users in Madison, Wisconsin, searching for a car accident lawyer or nursing home abuse attorney.

It also shows that there is no “best you can do” when an agency digs deep, gets creative, and consistently delivers high-quality content centered on the client’s priorities. Twelve Three Media takes “doing our best” to a new level, and it shows in our results.