1 million+ increase in engaged sessions year-over-year | Twelve Three Media

Increased PowerStop’s Engaged Sessions by 1 Million+ Year Over Year

The Challenge

The e-commerce website for PowerStop, a worldwide supplier of brake upgrade kits, was in desperate need of a new content strategy. Product pages had little to no supporting content, and the website blog represented a missed opportunity for educating customers.

Furthermore, much of the traffic to the e-commerce website came from paid advertising. This was expensive and unsustainable, necessitating a focus on driving direct traffic and traffic from search engines.

What We Did

Twelve Three Media worked very closely with PowerStop to devise a content strategy that aligned with their expertise and best-in-class industry knowledge. Next, we curated a list of blog posts that could be strengthened based on user search, PowerStop’s position in the market, and useful information on the site that required better organization. We also developed a planned and timely schedule for publishing quality recurring content.

The Content Team at Twelve Three Media began creating robust and authoritative content that capitalized on customer searches within the aftermarket automotive space. The content strategy sought to enhance under-utilized areas of the e-commerce website (such as adding FAQs and how-to content to underperforming blog posts).

The Results

We began the new content strategy in July 2022. Year-over-year, improvements across a number of key metrics remain strong.

Screenshot of Traffic Acquisition report in Google Analytics 4 showing improvements across multiple metrics | Twelve Three Media

Overall Sessions

* Note: A session is defined as a visit to the website, while an engaged session is defined as a session lasting longer than 10 seconds, encompassing visits to 2 or more pages, or resulting in a conversion.

  • 1.07 million (80.14%) more engaged sessions
  • 52.34% increase in engagement rate (i.e. the rate of engaged sessions to sessions)
  • 553,181 (18.25%) increase in sessions overall
  • 60,123 (2%) additional users accessing the site

Direct Website Traffic

  • 51.79% increase in engaged sessions from direct traffic
  • 10.9% increase in sessions

Traffic from Google Organic Search

  • 71.92% increase in engaged sessions from Google SERPs
  • 24.6% increase in sessions from organic search
  • 10.57% increase in users accessing the site from Google searches

Traffic from Google PPC

* Note: PowerStop maintained a robust investment in Google PPC ads over the 12-month period. We find that improvements to website content for purposes of organic search often result in similar benefits for paid traffic.

  • 87.32% increase in engaged sessions from paid Google search
  • 26.7% increase in overall sessions from paid ads
  • 2.08% increase in users accessing the site via Google PPC ads

PowerStop experienced a significant increase in website traffic year over year. The substantial boost in engaged sessions across traffic sources and mediums demonstrates the immense power of quality content that is focused on educating customers and positioning the client (PowerStop) as the authority within the industry.