Email Marketing Best Practices Guide for Law Firms.

Want to start leveraging the database of emails you already have but are unsure where to get started? This 6 step pdf will teach you how to create additional revenue for your Law Firm through effective email marketing basics.

This pdf will teach you how to:

  1. Generate up to an additional $240,000 this year
  2. Increase referral business immediately
  3. Increase ROI marketing dollars by up to 500%
  4. Create awareness for pennies on the dollar
  5. How to execute this strategy in 6 simple steps.
Law Firms continue to rate email as the most cost-effective digital marketing tactic.
“On our first email blast we received an inquiry regarding a IVC Filter.” John Edwards
“Before this we were doing nothing at all with our database of emails. Now our referral business is up 40% this year” Seth Calvino