LSA Reporting Dashboard

Google Local Services Ads WordPress Plugin

Price: $497.00

Know What You Don’t Know

What You Get:

  • See how your team is handling incoming calls from Google Local Services Ads
  • Find out how often your phone is ringing, how many calls you answer, and how many calls turn into leads and sales
  • Insights to optimize your intake procedures
  • Custom API (application programming interface)
  • Access to your LSA data via a Custom Dashboard
  • Critical metric reporting

Google ranks Local Services Ads in part on phone responsiveness data it won’t share with you. You need a tool that actually helps and knows what you don’t know. That’s exactly what we’ve built.

In The Details

As a business owner, your decisions are only as good as the data you have at hand. Without access to critical metrics, how can you make the right choices? Google provides a handful of data points, but you can’t see the whole picture. Specifically, you cannot see your business’s phone responsiveness metrics.

If you run Google Local Services Ads (LSAs), you need to know your phone responsiveness metrics. Google analyzes how responsive your business is to incoming phone calls to determine how to rank your Local Services Ads.

The problem? Google has these critical metrics but won’t share them with you. That means you are investing in Local Services Ads blind, without the crucial information you need to make informed financial decisions.

We saw the problem and fixed it. Our Web Development Experts built an API that pulls data directly from Google to report how frequently your office answers incoming phone calls from Local Services Ads.

Not only that, our custom LSA WordPress Plugin reports a wealth of other critical information that empowers you to measure the effectiveness of your Local Services Ads, including:

  • Your average weekly budget
  • Your Average 5-star rating
  • Total reviews
  • Current period charged leads
  • Previous period charged leads
  • Current period total cost
  • Previous period total cost
  • Currency code
  • Current period phone calls (connected and unconnected)
  • Previous period phone calls (connected and unconnected)
  • Current period connected phone calls lasting more than 30 seconds
  • Previous period connected phone calls lasting more than 30 seconds

Missed LSA calls are more than just missed business opportunities; they can tank your Local Services Ads rankings and your status in the marketplace. Knowing your phone responsiveness reduces waste and lets you get more from your LSAs.

The LSA WordPress Plugin gives you the tools to know your data, make better decisions, and save or spend money more wisely. You cannot afford to gamble in today’s competitive market. Get the LSA WordPress Plugin today and know what you don’t know.


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