Auto Aftermarket Email Marketing Basics

Email Basics Every Aftermarket Company Should Know


What You Get

  • How to leverage welcome emails, re-engagement emails, thank you emails, and more
  • The importance of using emails to expand your business
  • Why you should use an email service provider to help schedule and deliver your message
  • Why you should write purpose-driven campaigns
  • Why you should segment email campaigns by interest

Increase brand recognition and build your business through compelling email campaigns. Discover the fundamentals of email marketing in this introductory guide.

Email campaigns continue to be an effective way for aftermarket businesses to stretch their marketing dollars. With the enduring dominance of email in the modern world, your company needs to integrate a robust email strategy into your overall marketing plan. Email campaigns offer the ability to target specific segments of your audience and remain top of mind by staying at the top of inboxes.

Effective email marketing requires more than snappy subject lines and promotional copy. They demand thoughtful planning, cultivated databases, and a well-defined process. The idea of running your own email campaign may feel intimidating if you haven’t done it before. Never fear; our email marketing experts are here to help.

In our intro guide to Email Marketing, we explain how you can use email campaigns to drive interest and engagement in your aftermarket business. We show you different types of email campaigns that can serve the unique needs of your company.

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