Joe Hudson Case Study

Joe Hudson’s Auto Body New Website

Joe Hudson’s Auto Body needed a solution for integrating their website with a proprietary scheduling tool. The result was a full redevelopment of their website along with scheduling and repair tracking.

In the details: 

  • The original system was antiquated and not mobile friendly. We created a customized and more sophisticated method of sending and retrieving data to more fully integrate these systems. The result was a far more seamless user experience. 
  • WIth over  100 locations nationwide, we recommended integrating these locations via a Google maps interface directly on the website. Now, users can search for a shop near their location and schedule an estimate and/or repair online.
  • We also added an additional custom feature where existing customers can visit the site and pull live repair status via their phone number.

The result has been an increase in overall estimates received by the company, as well as less time spent by employees on time-consuming phone calls and other menial tasks.