Brand Positioning and Key Messaging Workshop for Law Firms

Know What You Don’t Know

Successful lawyers get it. As an attorney, you shouldn’t be spending your valuable time on marketing operations. You need to focus on doing what you do best and find a team – and a process – capable of handling the thousand tasks of marketing.

But your team can’t succeed if they’re just winging it. You need a detailed roadmap that clearly commands each of your channels harmoniously. You can’t have siloed agencies running your billboards, SEO, TV, and radio ads independently, based on their gut feelings and sudden whims. It doesn’t make sense. You need consistency. Your teams need direction. You need a guide.

You’d think something so important would be mandatory before launching any marketing effort. But so many attorneys are shocked after completing our workshop that no agency had ever performed – or mentioned – these things before. More than just a marketing endeavor, The Brand Positioning and Key Messaging Workshop for Law Firms specifies your core messaging, unifies your marketing streams, and helps your firm internally, informing a myriad of decisions and defining your culture.

Stand Out or Get Lost in the Noise

The noise in today’s marketing climate is deafening. If you don’t stand out among the endless barrage of ads, you’ll be swallowed by a sea of online chatter. Most law firms – and their marketing agencies – don’t spend the time or energy needed to develop a brand that demands attention. They just slap together a quick logo, get anyone with a camera to film a lame “We’ll fight for you” video, and call it a day.

That’s not branding; that’s a waste of time and money.

Are you just spinning your wheels with your marketing dollars? The reason is that you do not have a brand that differentiates you. Although a distinctive brand is the single most important component in your marketing arsenal, it is almost always overlooked or gravely underdeveloped. You can flood your audience with hundreds of TV spots, radio ads, and paid internet campaigns but, if you don’t say something different or memorable, you will never conquer your market. You’re just making noise.

Stop wasting your money. Twelve Three Media is offering an exclusive opportunity to give your law firm a world-class brand that is memorable, unmistakable, and instantly recognizable. The Brand Positioning and Key Messaging Workshop for Law Firms will give you the secret ingredients that separate the dominators of your market from the firms just trying to catch up and survive.

“I was angry that no one else had ever suggested doing this.”

Workshop Benefits You Can’t Afford To Miss

In today’s cutthroat advertising world, if you aren’t winning, you’re losing. Twelve Three Media’s Brand Positioning and Key Messaging Workshop for Law Firms offers a wealth of competitive benefits…

Align Your Marketing Efforts

Cohesive branding – whether expressed through paid advertising, website visits, customer interactions, communications, logos, taglines, messaging, or other touchpoints – makes an indelible mark…

Increase Brand Recognition

You want your firm to be a household name. Unique brand identities and cohesive brand messaging stand out in people’s minds…

Create Trust and Brand Loyalists

You need more than brand awareness – you need brand loyalists. That requires trust. Studies show that authenticity is a primary factor for 88% of consumers…

Improve Advertising ROI

A strong brand attracts customers who are willing to pay more and return for your services over and over again. Recognizable brands are more trusted…

Align Your Firm Internally

As mentioned above, our branding workshop can benefit your firm internally. A clear brand message can guide in-house communications, inform company policy, attract quality hires…

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A Half-Day Workshop With Immeasurable Impact

Not only does our Brand Positioning and Key Messaging Workshop for Law Firms provide you with the crucial tools you need to support your firm’s brand, but it is an incredibly easy and enjoyable process. You only spend 4 hours – and we’ll spend a few weeks before and after the program working to ensure you get premium value for your time.

Here’s how it works:

1. We Perform a Competitive Market Analysis

You cannot differentiate your law firm from the competition if you do not clearly understand how your competitors position themselves.

Before you participate in the workshop, our experts will perform a competitive market analysis to evaluate the major competitors in your market. We will analyze the brand essence, messaging, personality, focus practice areas, and lead benefits of several of the leading competitors you have identified.

This information will be used to tailor your firm’s key messaging that distinguishes your unique brand from the din of competitive noise in your market.

2. You Invest 4 Hours in Our Branding Workshop

In just half a day, our branding experts will guide you through strategic exercises to elicit and define the key aspects of your brand. Conducted online or at our headquarters in Golden, Colorado, we offer an enriching program that is focused, enlightening, and rewarding.

The Brand Positioning and Key Messaging Workshop for Law Firms is a galvanizing team experience and a unique opportunity for your firm’s key stakeholders to share their beliefs and opinions. Workshop participants typically walk away with an invigorated sense of company purpose, unity, and rapport.

3. We Develop Your Persona, Brand Positioning, & Key Messaging

Once we’ve spent time with your team, we’ll get to work creating your law firm’s persona, brand positioning, and key messaging. This means that we will specifically articulate your brand’s essence, including the personification of your brand identity and your firm’s core purpose (your WHY) in order to differentiate you from other firms out there.

The brand elements developed in this stage of the process will serve as the compass that guides your future marketing efforts and harmonizes your firm’s people and processes.

4. We Deliver Your Brand Roadmap

At the end of the process, we’ll give you a highly detailed brand roadmap that will define your unique presence in the market. You’ll walk away with the following critical assets:

  1. Brand Essence: A summary of your brand positioning
  2. Brand Positioning Statement: A summarizing statement that encapsulates the who, what, why, and how of your brand
  3. Brand Character & Personification: A person or character that epitomizes the unique characteristics that distinguish your brand. How does your brand act, talk, walk, etc.?
  4. Competitive insight: The primary differentiator that separates you from your competition
  5. Benefits: The emotional and rational benefits your firm offers clients
  6. Reasons to Believe: The facts that support your firm’s brand position

Availability for this exclusive workshop is extremely limited. Act now to reserve your spot. Do not miss your chance to gain the unfair marketing advantage. Our proven approach to branding has helped numerous law firms create unforgettable brands and bottom-line success.

About Twelve Three Media

Twelve Three Media is a full-service marketing agency made up of seasoned veterans, industry experts, and creative mavericks. We help law firms throughout the United States and across the globe dominate their markets with top-tier brand development, website design, multimedia advertising, organic SEO strategies, and much more.

By keeping every element of your law firm’s marketing under one roof, we can ensure that every public-facing channel – from your website and newsletter to your TV spots and paid online ad campaigns – is on-brand, on-message, and on top of the competition.

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