12 Reasons Why Native Ads Are Better

Native Advertising is the “disguising” of ads on a webpage that appears to be the content in which you are browsing. This differs from a pop-up ad which consumers always steer away from or exit out of immediately. A native ad will appear on whichever page you are currently on and appear as though it is content on the web page. Native ads have a much higher CTR because consumers think it is part of what they are browsing and native ads are statistically less bothersome to consumers.1

Native Advertising is highly targeted, In other words, you are renting someone else’s space not to necessarily sell your product but to create buzz about your company which eventually steers your target consumer towards your sales funnel. But again this is a highly targeted form of advertising because the content you create has to be very similar to the site your targeted consumer is on. However, it is crucial make sure the ad is transparently an ad (putting your company’s logo on there).2

Here are some points to take note of that really demonstrate the power of Native Ads.

1. 70% of individuals want to learn about products through content rather than through traditional advertising.
2. People view native ads 53% more than banner ads.
3. Beeby Clark+Meyler led a native advertising campaign for GE which reached 5.1 million people and resulted in 416,000 clickthroughs — an astronomical >8% CTR.
4. Compare that to traditional display ad CTRs, which have dropped from 9% in 2000 to 0.2% in 2012.
5. 32% of consumers said they would share a native ad with friends and family vs 19% for banner ads.
6. Viewers spend nearly the same amount of time reading editorial content and native ads — 1.2 seconds and 1 second, respectively.
7. 57% of surveyed marketers measure engagement — time spent — when evaluating the effectiveness of native ad campaigns.
8. Native advertising generates up to an 82% increase in brand lift.
9. Native ads that include rich media boost conversion rates by up to 60%.
10. Purchase intent is 53% higher with native ads.
11. 57% of publishers have a dedicated editorial team to create content readers will care about, leaving publishers in full control, not brands, which ultimately benefits readers.
12. 71% of publishers received no major complaints from readers for featuring native ads

Simply put native advertising is a pay to play game. The deeper your pockets the better the results.

This form of advertising increases conversions within your sales funnel. Since this form of advertising is highly targeted you can expect better measurable results because the information is delivered in a stream, meaning the consumer thinks the ad is part of the page.3 But again knowing the target audience before even thinking about spending a dollar of native advertising is an absolute must.

Getting started is as easy as knowing where your consumers are shopping, what articles they are reading, and what pages they like to be entertained on. From there Twelve Three Media creates content around those pages in a similar format to track their online behavior so we know where to place these highly targeted ads which result in a higher conversion rate.



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