Mercedes-Benz Rips a Page From BMW’s Playbook to Reach Millennials

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I can’t even, like, literally, just kidding, and fail – are just a few of the common terms “millennials” have redefined. One thing that has been redefined along with those brilliant terms is the way automakers market to these so-called “millennials.” The luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz had copied a page out of BMW’s arsenal to use highly emotional messaging to grapple on to that new demographic. I am sure you’re asking yourself – a millennial (20-36 year old), Driving a Mercedes-Benz? Essentially, telling that particular demographic that it is time to grow up and buy a grown up car like an entry level Mercedes which comes in around $32,000 and that’s without the wheels! How can that age group afford such a high-end automobile when most of which have peter-pan syndrome running around like children it adult bodies.

Just recently the luxury car brand launched a series of short films that explains the difficulties of becoming an adult. The entire campaign is centered around people with different problems about “growing up.” One of the short films depicts two friends who eventually grow apart; another is a boyfriend who still obsesses over his ex-girlfriend. All of which takes place in, you guessed it, a Mercedes-Benz. Hitting an emotional trigger with a younger generation has a larger effect than simply screaming “buy a Mercedes” right to your face.

A lot of high-end brands (even the small ones) have been catching on to this new style of non-traditional marketing, presenting ads in the form of something that isn’t a direct ad. In other words, unconventional marketing is the way to target younger generations because studies have shown that younger generations are unresponsive to traditional marketing methods. Unable to adapt to digital marketing creates an issue for some, but an opportunity for most. Bridging the gap between traditional and digital marketing is the newfound method for marketing in the year 2017 and targeting younger generations with a message that resonates with them.

Grow up: “Spend time with family” – Mercedes-Benz original

Grow up: “Settle down” – Mercedes-Benz original

Grow up: “Start a family” – Mercedes-Benz original

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