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Developing Your Brand – Branding Essentials for Law Firms

Price: $9.97

What You Get:

  • A blueprint for creating brand loyalists
  • How to identify your firm’s WHY
  • How to define your brand positioning
  • How to develop brand elements: logos, colors, typography, and more
  • How to design your Brand Style Guide

Connect with your audience and create brand loyalists. Develop a winning brand identity with this comprehensive guide.

The competition for your audience’s attention is tremendous; it is critical that your firm stands apart from the crowd. An effective brand identity distinguishes you from the competition and positions your attorneys as experts in their fields. More than just a logo and a name, your brand is the way you present your firm to your new and returning clients.

A strong brand creates loyalty. In fact, despite a multitude of purchasing options, a staggering 90% of consumers consider themselves brand-loyal. Brand loyalty helps ensure future business and creates real-world advocates for your firm.

In our extensive Branding guide, our digital marketing experts teach you how to create brand loyalists. We’ll discuss the elements of a brand and show you how to define your firm’s core belief (your WHY). We’ll teach you how to effectively position your brand and explain the step-by-step process for developing your firm’s own Brand Style Guide.


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