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Knowing your target demographic is the key to success

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In an environment where continued company growth is expected, you need to continually increase the number of products or services you are selling. Utilizing media channels to get your message out is essential to company growth.

With so many ways to consume media, it can become overwhelming to choose the right method for getting in front of your ideal consumer, not to mention costly. A media planning partner will help you navigate the marketplace to ensure you are on the right path.

Media planning can only begin after the goal of the media campaign has been identified. Is the goal to increase awareness of the brand? Is the goal to increase actions taken on the website? Is the goal to get someone to attend an event? Goals should align with seasonality, product availability, consumer need, the buying cycle, life events or other similar points.

Once there is a campaign goal, media planning can begin! Media planning has to start with pinpointing two key questions; who do you want to target and what do you want them to do?

When it comes to identifying who you want to target you, the business owner, have the most insight into who consumes your products or services. You have been doing business long before looking for a media planning partner. That knowledge is the starting point. Where a media partner can add value in identifying your customer is to add data points to the conversation. Through qualitative research, analysis of your analytics, consumer research, or a number of tools we use every day, we can confirm who your target market is or identify new target markets. We can also help you bridge the gap between your current customer base and your aspirational customer.

Defining what action you want your customer to take is critical in choosing the best creative messaging, the right media mix as well as in measuring the success of the campaign. Everyone wants more sales, but thought should be put into what micro-moments lead up to that sale. You can strategically use different media to target different points in the customer journey.

A strong media planning partner will piece together the right media mix, the right reach and frequency as well as tie the media plan into the other aspects of your overall marketing plan.

Once your media plan is locked down, you are ready to start negotiating and placing the media, whether that be with us, in-house or through your agency.

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