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Why Hire an Agency to Buy Your Media?

A media buying agency’s function is to negotiate the best rates for optimal placement to earn value for their client’s advertising budget.

An agency who specializes in buying time or space on television, radio, newspaper, magazine, out of home, cinema or any other traditional medium brings value in three areas:


An agency can quickly pay for themselves by being strong negotiators and tapping into their media clout. Media vendors often consider the combined media spend of all clients coming out of an agency when negotiating rates. The more an agency spends with a media vendor, the larger the discount off of rate card.

Agencies put a lot into building relationships with media vendors. As a result, agencies often know about opportunities when they first become available. Good communication with the media vendors aids in schedules running smoothly as well.

Media Buyers are highly trained in finding the right audience and knowing what to pay for that audience. They are in the marketplace all the time so they know the going rate for media.

Agencies invest in research tools, buying software and 3rd party services to ensure the media purchased is performing as it was negotiated.

What to Look for When Choosing a Media Buying Agency?

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Ask what industries they have worked in...
Some industries are more competitive than others and require different tactics to be successful.

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Ask what clients they have worked with...
Well-known brands likely have high standards of success that have to be met which requires a savvy buyer to implement.

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Ask what mediums they specialize in...
Buying television is nothing like buying magazines. Make sure the agency you are considering buys the right type of media for your needs.

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Ask what their annual collective media spend is...
You want an agency who has media clout so you benefit by getting more bang for your buck.

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Ask their philosophy of negotiating...
This will give you some insight into how they view media vendor relationships and how they communicate their processes.

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