How to Verify Your Business’s Facebook Page


Facebook verification is emerging as one of the major topics of conversation within the world of social media because of the recent changes that the social media mogul made to its branded content rules. Due to these recent changes, it is important that your business is able to take advantage of the new perks that a Facebook verification offers.

Here are some reasons why verifying your company’s Facebook page may be a good idea:

  • Being Relevant in Search (Visibility): Because Facebook verified your page, your business is more likely to show up in relevant searches. Being higher in search brings more attention and traffic to your business’s page. Everyone can agree that gaining more visibility for their business is important. Well, Facebook claims that a verified page will help improve a business’s visibility on Google and other search engines (increasing your business’s Search Engine Optimization).
  • Building Trust With Your Audience (Credibility): When your page is verified, your audience will consider you more trustworthy and legitimate.
  • More Page Views (Traffic):
    A verification of your page helps your following stay up to date with the “real you.” Verification can help fend off “fake” profiles that can lead traffic away from your business’s page. Verification makes it easy for new customers find your page because Facebook, as well as your current following, have recognized you as legitimate.
  • Increased Engagement (Results): While it is not proven, the effect of a Facebook verification can lead to a culmination of a lot of different factors that can bring your page more views and interactions (therefore leading to increased business).

How To Verify Your Business’s Facebook Page

Before verifying your business’s Facebook page, there is one thing to note: in order for Facebook to verify your page, your business must have a physical address (brick and mortar). While this may seem a bit out of sorts for virtual business owners, the reality is that an address shows that your company is legitimate. If you are uncomfortable with entering an exact address for privacy reasons (you work from home), entering your city and state should work in the verification process.

Now, it is time to walk you through your business’s Facebook verification process…

  • Click Settings at the top of your Facebook Business Page…


  • From General, click Page Verification


  • Click Verify This Page, then click Get Started
  • Enter a publicly listed phone number for your business, country and language
  • Click Call Me Now to allow Facebook to call you with your verification code


  • Soon after clicking Call Me Now, the phone number you entered will receive a call and the automated voice will give you a 4-digit code to enter into the box provided. Enter the code and click Continue
  • Do you see this image?


You have now successfully set up your company’s Facebook Verification. Enjoy the benefits of the switch and make your company well-known on this wonderful social media platform.

Here at Twelve Three Media, we pride ourselves on helping businesses succeed in their digital ventures. We strongly advise verifying your Facebook page as well as all of your online social media profiles in order to help establish your business’s legitimacy. If you have any questions about Facebook verification or any other questions about online marketing, we would be happy to help you in any way we can!