How to Switch to an Instagram Business Account

Switch to Instagram Business Account

Recently, in the digital marketing sphere, an instagram business account has become a hot commodity for companies of all types. While there are limited features on the business account platform as of now, we highly recommend that your business makes an effort to switch when given the opportunity.

We will walk you through the steps for changing your business’s account to an Instagram Business Account shortly but first, let’s lay out some of the benefits of making the switch:

Being Found

Prior to business profiles being released, the singular way followers could engage with a business outside of Instagram was to click on the business’s website link in their profile. Now, with the new update, you can provide contact information for your business. Once you provide your business’s contact information, Email, Call, and Directions buttons will appear on your business profile.


Access Your Instagram Analytics

Instagram has become one of the latest major social media platforms to release an analytics tool. Instagram calls this tool, Insights. Insights will give you quick and easy access to see how your content is performing. To use it, go to your profile, click the Insights icon at the top of your screen and get a great overview of your Instagram post performance. Switching to a business profile enables you to see an analysis of each of your posts at any time.



Instagram’s new Business Profile makes ad creation extremely fast and easy. Prior to its launch, ad creation could only be accessed through Facebook’s Ad Manager. Now that it’s all in one place, you can promote your posts by clicking on them and selecting Promote. From this point, you can select text for a call to action button, choose your specific audience, set your budget, and choose a duration of how long you want to run the promotion.

Get Noticed in the Instagram Feed

Instagram has a new algorithm and it is changing how and when users view the content you post. When you upgrade your business to an Instagram Business Profile, you can boost your business’s odds of being seen.

  • Access the Insights tool to discover what content of yours is working, what content you should create in the future, and when to share that content in order for your business to experience optimal engagement.
  • After some time, try promoting one of your best performing posts with the Ads Tools to put your content in front of more eyes. This will help you promote your profile/business additionally, this will help you increase engagement and followers. The users you engage with will then become more likely to interact, and purchase your business’s products directly.

Convert to an Instagram Business Account and Experience Success

You will know if your business’s Instagram account is able to access the business platform by opening the app and clicking on your profile’s Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


After clicking, you will see this screen, click Switch to Business Profile


On the Connect Your Facebook Page screen, you will see all of the Facebook pages you are currently an Admin of. From here, select the page you would like to associate with your Business Profile on Instagram.

On the Set Up Your Business Profile page, review your business’s Contact Information and make any changes you find pressing. After everything is correct, click Done.

You have now successfully set up your company’s Instagram Business Account. Enjoy the benefits of the switch and make your company well-known on this wonderful social media platform.

If you need help converting to an Instagram business account, please feel free to contact us! At Twelve Three Media, we pride ourselves on helping our clients achieve success!