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Hello, hola, and bonjour! This time around, we look at how Rosetta Stone utilized mobile video to increase site traffic and build brand awareness among millennials. According to Google, 98% of 18-34-year-olds use their smartphone to watch video content daily. This makes the mobile phone a very powerful device for marketing to millennials. But, you can’t just throw anything out at this demographic in the form of TrueView ads on Youtube’s masthead. Searching for something relatable like humor significantly increases engagement, which a lot of companies do because as soon as anyone sees an ad they’re turned off immediately. By offering something of tangible value Rosetta Stone was able to launch a humorous relatable notion towards its audience. By offering positive experiences and situations where learning a new language can be beneficial. Evoking emotion in a lighthearted way creates engagement. Engagement leads to results. Firing TrueView ads through Youtube’s masthead, Rosetta Stone saw an increase of ten times the amount of traffic to their website. In addition, Rosetta Stone saw an increase of 51% of Youtube subscribers and 89% lift in brand traffic. Check out the case study below.



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