Today we begin with understanding consumer behavior and how decisions are influenced within mobile search. Let’s take a step back before we dive right in. The majority of the world has a daily routine or a set of tasks that need to be done during the day. The most likely something will be needed is during the day, makes sense right?


In these moments, consumers want what they want, when they want it and they’re drawn to brands that deliver on their needs.

A great example would be, you are out and about doing what you do best during the day and you have an “oh shoot” moment. I forgot to make an appointment to get an oil change and tires rotated. Enter smartphone, “hey Siri, where is the nearest place to get an oil change?”

When capitalizing on micro-moments you must be aware of three important aspects. First, be where your audience is because in that time of need you want your product to stand out or at the very least be an option to the consumer. Next, provide consumers with that digital experience they are looking for by catering a user-friendly approach. Lastly, for the love of digital, take responsibility for seamlessly integrating your product or service across all platforms. Whether it be mobile, desktop, or tablet. If you only have one of those figured out you are going to lose more than half of the business you could get online.

Think about when something is difficult to find or complete on a tiny phone screen, ultimately you give up and go elsewhere for a much easier digital experience.

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