Everyone, a round of applause for Gillette please. Why your asking? Last year they rolled out a campaign focused on a “digital first” approach towards the demographic of males aged 15 to 34. Achieving an astounding increase of 211% in search for the brand and 111% increase in clicks which is the largest increase the company has ever seen.  

Here’s how. Gillette focused on a specific demographic because that specific age range can be highly targeted through the medium of Youtube. Catering to where their consumers already are hanging out, Gillette leveraged digital marketing in the form of TrueView in-stream and TrueView in-display ads.1 Leveraging TrueView ads through mobile and digital, Youtube reaches more millennial males than any cable network can. Creating a buzz on a network where your target demographic already is, is like having someone else throw a party for you and you show up with the booze. Everyone has been waiting and is going to want it. The result of leveraging the correct network against the target audience created more than half a million clicks to buy now. In addition, 84% of consumers that viewed the ad watched at least 85% of it. The buzz drove sales upwards of four times what Gillette anticipated across seven different markets. The takeaway from the end result is that we are a digital world and catering to the correct demographic while presenting the information in a way that the consumer can relate to is what drives sales. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product or service in the world. If it isn’t presented correctly it has no tangible value and you’ve lost your audience.

Check out the links to their videos below to see the “100 years of hair”2 ad and how they utilized their strategy and tactics directly from the Global brand director.



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