We all know that mobile searches have surpassed that of a desktop. But when is this happening and how can you leverage peak search times for your business? First, we must break down the peak search time into weekdays and weekends because consumer behavior is entirely different during these times. During the week, mobile searches are extremely high early in the morning.

Desktop search increases around 8 AM because that is when everyone is getting to work and will be in front of a desktop computer for the duration of the day. Naturally, around 6 PM those desktop searches drop dramatically and mobile once again surpasses desktop search for the remainder of the 24 hours in a day.

On the weekend, desktop searches never surpass mobile.

The marketing message to take away from all of this is to always be readily available where consumers already are hanging out. This has a huge effect on micro-moments consumers have throughout the day. Knowing when to utilize this strategy for social media and matching consumer behavior with posts, drastically increases business metrics, ultimately leading to a heavier sales funnel and more conversions.

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