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318% Increase in Search Traffic for National Restoration Company

The Challenge: Not Ranking for Branded Search / Very Little  Traffic For Non-Branded Search

ATI Restoration is a nationwide remediation, reconstruction, and demolition company. It is the largest family-operated restoration company in the United States.

Though ATI is highly respected within the restoration industry, the company was struggling to stand out in online search results. From an SEO perspective, ATI was falling short in several key respects:

  • Not showing up in search results for branded terms in some markets (i.e., searches for the ATI brand name).
  • Struggling to rank for non-branded search terms (i.e., organic keyword searches) across two main target audiences (commercial and residential).

Not ranking for branded or non-branded searches is a major problem. It means consumers can’t find your business no matter how they search: by the name of the business, by search query, or via local search results.

Line graph showing a decline in search rankings | Twelve Three Media

Recognizing our excellence in search engine optimization and digital content, ATI Restoration partnered with Twelve Three Media to help them reach their goals and grow their business.

Why the Problem?

Experts at Twelve Three Media conducted a comprehensive audit of ATI’s website, local search listings, and NAP data (Name, Address, and Phone Number). We found that the client’s branded and non-branded search was suffering because of these major issues:

Massive Inconsistencies and Inaccuracies in NAP Data

NAP data was inaccurate and inconsistent across all ATI Restoration local listings, including Google Business Profile and other directories and platforms. These issues were especially pronounced in light of ATI Restoration’s aggressive M&A strategy; no plan was in place to ensure NAP data was updated when new companies were acquired.

Screenshot of inaccurate online listings and missing business schema | Twelve Three Media

Significant Amount of Duplicate Content

Many pages on the ATI Restoration website used boilerplate copy with little to no variation or optimization. This makes it difficult to rank for particular keywords and in specific markets.

Duplicate content on a website location page | Twelve Three Media

Widespread Technical Issues on the Website

Location information was often mismatched in title tags, headlines, and online listings.

Missing and inaccurate technical SEO issues on website location page | Twelve Three Media

Lack of Authoritative & Quality Content

Content failed to present ATI Restoration’s unique expertise and industry knowledge, as well as address the needs, questions, and concerns of the diverse residential and commercial audiences served by ATI Restoration.

The Solution: Update NAP Data, Optimize Google Business Profiles & Execute Aggressive Content Strategy

The SEO & Content Team at Twelve Three Media developed a comprehensive, multifaceted strategy for boosting ATI’s search rankings and website traffic.

Our SEO efforts encompassed both on-page and local search optimization. In addition to performing in-depth keyword research, we gained a comprehensive understanding of ATI Restoration’s 10 target audiences (residential + multiple commercial industries).

To improve rankings for branded search, we:

  • Updated the NAP data for all 70+ ATI Restoration locations nationwide to ensure consistency across all listings.
  • Optimized every single Google Business Profile listing.

To improve rankings for non-branded/organic search, we:

  • Initiated an aggressive content marketing strategy to replace all duplicate content.
  • Rewrote all service pages to consist of high-quality, original content targeted to the desired residential and commercial demographics.
  • Rewrote all location pages to consist of high-quality, original content optimized for local SEO.
Improvements in branded and non-branded website traffic for ATI Restoration by Twelve Three Media


Screenshot of organic traffic before Twelve Three Media's content and SEO strategy


ATI Restoration organic traffic spike after Twelve Three Media's content and SEO strategy

The Results: Increase in Organic Search Traffic

We didn’t just improve our client’s SEO results, we absolutely changed their game. We started this holistic SEO and content strategy for ATI Restoration in May 2023. In less than one year of ATI Restoration becoming a client, we achieved the following results:

318% Increase in Organic Search Traffic

Non-branded organic search now represents the majority of traffic to the website. This creates a wealth of new opportunities for ATI to earn new business.

42% Increase in Leads

Within a 90-day period, conversions on the website grew by 42%.

2024 – Google Analytics 4 – LAST 90 DAYS vs PREVIOUS 90 DAYS

Organic search traffic and landing page conversion improvements for ATI Restoration | Twelve Three Media

Improvements for Top 3 Service Areas

Water Damage Restoration

378% Increase in Search Volume for Related Keywords
368% Increase in Website Traffic

Fire Damage Restoration

105% Increase in Search Volume for Related Keywords
101% Increase in Website Traffic

Mold Remediation

78% Increase in Search Volume for Related Keywords
25% Increase in Website Traffic

Dramatic Improvement in Keyword Rankings

ATI Restoration now has a substantial presence in top 3 and first page search results. 

The site also appears in a number of SERP features, including Position Zero, Google Local Pack, People Also Ask, and Knowledge Panel.

Bottom Line: SEO Success Doesn’t Have to Take Years—It Can Happen Overnight

Many agencies will tell you that it can take years for SEO efforts to pay off, but that’s not always true. Time and time again, we’ve helped clients achieve huge results right out of the gate. Simple fixes can immediately start to improve rankings and website traffic. That’s what we saw when we started with ATI Restoration, and we still continue to see it today.

Optimized SEO content, on-target technical SEO, and NAP consistency matter. They are integral to all aspects of organic search marketing:

  • Branded keyword search
  • Organic non-branded search (including SERP features)
  • Local search, including Google Business Profile

It takes a lot for a company to earn a stellar reputation like ATI Restoration. Sadly, having a recognizable name isn’t enough by itself to draw customers’ attention and drive business.

The results Twelve Three Media has achieved for ATI Restoration illustrate the importance of clean, accurate NAP data, as well as original content tailored to (a) the customer audiences you serve and (b) their search habits and the information they need to make a purchase decision.