About Us

Find out what makes our team different from the rest.

Your full-service marketing and advertising agency.

Anybody who buys the domain name DigitalMarketingCompany.com is making a bold statement.

At Twelve Three Media, our mission is to put the marketing industry on notice. We see too many businesses led astray by outdated, ill-fitting concepts about online media or seduced by agencies that over-promise and under-deliver.

We stand out by providing real solutions for businesses that want to grow. When you speak with our team, you will be talking to knowledgeable, experienced marketers and advertisers who are committed to understanding your needs. From there, we formulate strategies to achieve – or exceed – your individual goals.

About Twelve Three Media

Our core values include:

Doing things right by doing them ourselves:

Many agencies farm out work to independent contractors or companies overseas. Twelve Three Media is made up of talented, passionate people who keep the work in-house to maintain high standards.

Focusing on service:

The biggest problem with farming out work is the disconnect it creates between the client and the agency. Embracing our role as the in-house team for our clients enables us to create better marketing and ad strategies.

Using time and money wisely:

Waste is the bane of our operation. The same is probably true for your business, which makes working with marketing agencies that waste your money and time all the more frustrating. At Twelve Three Media, we prove our worth continuously and keep the lines of communication open to show what we’re doing for you.

Providing enterprise-level marketing that any business can afford:

Superior marketing and advertising shouldn’t only be available to multi-million-dollar corporations with massive budgets. We believe every business owner deserves access to affordable marketing. That’s why you don’t see pricing on our website; what you spend on marketing and advertising should be customized to your business and your budget.

No snake oil sold here:

We don’t invest time and effort in glossy sales pitches and then fumble your marketing on the first play. We take care of you from the first conversation through the entirety of your time as a client.

As your campaigns progress, we will perform ongoing assessment to ensure each strategy is achieving the results you need.

This process involves the following steps:


No marketing campaign or ad is successful by accident. Our team talks to you about your budget, your competitors, your previous agency experience, and your goals. Then we develop a plan that is unique to who you are and what you want to achieve.


Simply reaching consumers is not enough to drive more leads and boost business. With so much noise online and in media, successful marketing and advertising is precisely targeted to the optimal customer. Our team researches the demographics of your industry and market, and we identify the people who are most likely to buy your product or service. Then, we execute the campaign to reach these valuable customers specifically.


This is probably the most important part of the strategy, but it’s also the one that gets the least attention. By validating the marketing campaigns we run on your behalf, we show you where your money is going. We use state-of-the-art tools to track results, and our analytics reporting puts the numbers and data in context. We follow the money from your marketing budget and offer transparent insights on your ROI.

Data Drives Decisions

Data drives the decisions at our agency.

By understanding your market, we can help you outperform the competition.

If you are tired of working with marketers who talk a big game but don’t back it up with results, find out how Twelve Three Media is different. We build and execute marketing and ad campaigns that are data-driven and client-oriented. These are not cookie-cutter strategies, and our clients reap the benefits of the individualized work we do.

We succeed when you are successful.

Your investment should align with your goals.

In keeping with our mission of exploding marketing myths, we provide a range of comprehensive resources to help self-starters and DIYers try their hand at advertising. If now is not the right time for you to hire a marketing agency, you may find the tools you need in our free downloadable guides.

Making the change to a marketing agency that works for you is as simple as a conversation.